WATCH / LISTEN: Ride Rehab’s Season Finale and Host Q&A

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On this final episode of the Ride Rehab podcast (for now), Tyler and Thomas revisit the caged off escalator in the Imagination pavilion, only to be intercepted by Chapek himself! Can Dr. Seeker and Tubbs the goat help them escape a deadly fate? Watch the animated finale of Ride Rehab below including a bonus post show, or listen on the podcast feed.

Don’t delete your podcast feed for Ride Rehab because the show is only done temporarily. Eventually Tyler and Thomas will return with new rehabs, special guests, revisiting old episodes, and tackling rides and attractions at other Disney and Universal parks around the world.

Ride Rehab is the WDWNT Podcast of ridiculously re-skinning rides, attractions, and areas of Walt Disney World. Each episode Tyler and Thomas throw themselves into an Imagineering Writers Room to brainstorm bizarre ideas of overlaying existing attractions, or trying to shoehorn Marvel and Star Wars into everything. (Also Phantom Of The Opera)

Want to catch up on everything Ride Rehab? Check out the full playlist below and subscribe to WDWNT on YouTube for when new episodes and other fun video specials are available!

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