REVIEW: Blast Off with Caramel & Cheese, Cookie Cream, and Strawberry Milk Popcorn Flavors at Tokyo Disneyland’s “The Big Pop”

One of the more intriguing additions in Tokyo Disneyland’s New Fantasyland expansion is definitely the dedicated popcorn shop The Big Pop in Tomorrowland! Fortunately we were lucky enough to snag reservations to the exciting galactic popcorn stop, and gave all three flavors a shot. Which one is our favorite? Well you’ll just have to keep reading.


There are three popcorn flavors—Caramel & Cheese, Strawberry Milk, and Cookie Cream. Each is available for ¥500 ($4.74), which is a premium of ¥100 ($0.95) over other popcorn flavors around Tokyo Disney Resort.


Each type of popcorn also comes in this special box, which has the logo on one pair of sides and the exterior sign sans text on the other two.

Caramel & Cheese


Caramel is definitely the most popular flavor here in Tokyo. But an ongoing joke of those who buy Boy Scout popcorn and other popcorn tins is that mixing caramel and cheese is a great flavor combination. Let me be the first to say that it doesn’t in this case. Caramel and cheese each come on their own kernels so you’ll have to taste at least two at the same time to get the flavor combination together. The caramel was as rich as always, but the cheese flavor just came off as dry. I would’ve appreciated the drizzling of melted cheese like the caramel, rather than the powdery cheese flavor. But it really does leave a contrast that doesn’t play off that well. This was easily my least favorite of the three.

Cookie Cream


If Oreo ever made Oreo flavor popcorn, this would be pretty close to it! The cookies and cream flavor isn’t as sweet as an Oreo cookie is, but it certainly comes close with a good helping of embedded chocolate dust alongside a light cream flavor. Each karnel gets a relatively fair dusting of flavor so you won’t have much of a hit or miss situation depending on what you grab, but I probably still would’ve enjoyed a bit stronger of a flavor. Make no mistake, I do recommend this, and I hope it sticks around for a long, long time!

Strawberry Milk


Tokyo Disneyland actually tested this flavor with Guests last September, so I was incredibly pleased to see this return permanently to The Big Pop. The Strawberry Milk popcorn is definitely the best of the three, with an excellent strawberries and cream flavor that pervades every single kernel. The balance of sweetness makes this easily one of the best flavors you can get not just at The Big Pop, but at Tokyo Disney Resort in general. The only downside is that you may not like this if you’re someone who doesn’t like really, really sweet food.

I can’t recommend that you all visit The Big Pop on your next visit to Tokyo Disneyland, especially if you’re a popcorn connoisseur! Right now, advance reservations are required for visiting The Big Pop, but hopefully this system will be phased out over time.

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