REVIEW: The Bride Cupcake Debuts at the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida

The Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store has unleashed some new desserts just in time to celebrate the opening of two haunted houses at Universal Studios Florida. This new cupcake, themed to the Bride, is a sweet way to reward yourself for braving Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives.


For the price of $6.99, you get a pair of cupcakes. Whether you share with a friend or eat one and save one for later, it’s nice to get 2 cupcakes for your money. The only downside is you will have two delicious cupcakes in front of you and if you’re like me, you can’t resist eating them both.


There’s no denying this cupcake is inspired by the bride of Frankenstein. From a pile of black frosting hair with a zig-zagging streak of white icing, to the silver neck bolts, this themed cupcake really comes alive. The vanilla layer of icing has a rich, sweet flavor that really impressed us and reminded us of Oreo filling. The chocolate icing was the same as what was on the Werewolf Cake Pop, but we enjoyed it much more on this treat. The vanilla flavors really complimented the chocolate. We were told this was a cookies and cream cupcake, but it this is far superior to any other cookies and cream cupcake you’ll find in the parks.

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The cupcakes are small in size, but every bite is perfection. The cake base was fresh, and very dense, with chocolate bits throughout. Even though this is technically a cupcake, the consistency reminded us more of a chocolate chip muffin. It has somewhat of a “homemade” feel to it and tastes less artificial than many of the cupcakes in the parks. Honestly, they should replace all the cupcakes in the park with this type of cake because it’s probably the best cupcake we’ve ever had here at Universal Orlando.


We ended up eating both cupcakes (you know, to check for consistency) and we are happy to report both cupcakes were equally delicious. If you’re looking for a fun, themed snack to celebrate spooky season, look no further than the Bride Cupcakes from the Tribute Store. Happy Halloween!