Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group Distribution Lasts Over 5 Minutes, Yet Attraction Fails to Board at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The Resistance fighters and First Order officers have been making some upgrades over at Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance in Disney’s Hollywood Studios—first with the implementation of plexiglass dividers aboard prison transfers (also known as ride vehicles) and then the addition of plexiglass throughout the attraction’s many pre-shows. Initially a test, these modifications were made to improve the park’s most ambitious, most popular, and yet most operationally challenged attraction.

While yesterday it seemed that they were still loading a single party to each ride vehicle, today we noticed a strange anomaly in the Boarding Group distribution process. Normally, slots in the virtual queue for Rise of the Resistance fill up within literal seconds… but today, there were still Boarding Groups available up until 10:08 AM. Of course, this would lead us to infer that the attraction has now upped its capacity, bringing us to the next issue…

As of 12:30 PM, or two hours and thirty minutes after park open, the ride has yet to begin boarding.

We’ll continue to update you on further changes to Rise of the Resistance.

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