REVIEW: Adorable New Chip & Dale Gingerbread Churros are a Stale Disappointment for Christmas 2020 at the Magic Kingdom

This year, it seems Chip and Dale have gotten a little creative in the kitchen and cooked up the guests of the Magic Kingdom some special churros!

Chip and Dale Christmas Churros – $6.19

Gingerbread churros topped with apple pie filling and chocolate chips


These gingerbread churros would have been delicious had they not been the most stale, day-old, hard churros we’ve ever had. The flavoring could have been great, but the quality was downright embarrassing.


There was additional marshmallow sauce, which was sweet, but good. The apple pie filling was tart, but tasty.


The leaves were colored sugar and they made the snack look very cute.


Overall, this would have been a really delicious treat had the churros themselves not been a travesty. We might try getting these fresh in the future, because we think they’d be actually good a second time around.

All throughout the Magic Kingdom, you’ll find exclusive holiday treats, but if you’re looking for these churros, then head on over to Westward Ho anytime from November 6th to December 30th.