REVIEW: Jock Lindsey’s Holiday Bar “Sticks the Landing” with NEW Alcoholic Milk and Cookies and More Seasonal Surprise Hits at Disney Springs

Jock Lindsey’s Holiday Bar is back at Disney Springs, and not only does it come with special decorations, but they’re offering new items exclusive to the season. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights!

Mistletoe Mule – $14.00


The Mistletoe Mule is made with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, lime juice and passionfruit, topped with ginger beer and served in a mule mug. Ours was also topped with a cherry and a mint leaf, giving it a festive appearance.

It’s really just a standard mule with a splash of passionfruit, but if that sounds like something you would enjoy, I wouldn’t tell you not to give this a shot.

Jock’s Holiday Nog – $14.00


This snow-white concoction consists of Rum Chata, Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Frangelico, with just a hint of vanilla and a red rim.


Honestly, this was kind of a disappointment too. It’s fine, but I’ve had many more memorable eggnog cocktails at the Disney theme parks through the years. I’m not sure what I would change in it, but none of the flavors were profound enough to pick anything in particular out for this review.

Grandma’s Favorite Sliders – $14.00


We promised you a positive review, so here we go…


The venison, which is elk or deer meat by the way (applause for thematic integrity), is tender and flavorful, served on a toasted, soft, buttery bun. If you’ve never had venison, it’s a little less flavorful than beef typically, a little more earthy. I personally enjoy it, but it may not be for everyone (mostly if you can’t handle the fact that you’re eating Bambi). The order comes with two of these bad boys.


This pair of venison sliders features very wintry flavors, including cranberry bacon jam, tomato and watercress. Most of the flavor comes from the meat, a nice change of pace.


I highly recommend these.

Papa Noel’s Churrasco – $14.00


This dish doesn’t fit the theme as well, but I’m not going to complain because this was phenomenal.


For those looking for a spicy way to celebrate the holidays, this plate consists of grilled flank steak with pumpkin seed chimichurri, fried sweet plantains, and spicy aji amarillo peanut sauce.


The plantains are plentiful, but the star here is the spicy ahi amarillo peanut sauce. The steak is well prepared, but it is nothing without this sauce. You haven’t lived until you swiped beef through this accompanying sauce. The combination of the spicy peanut sauce, tender steak, and zesty chimichurri is a winner. You should not go to Jock’s and not order this.


Milk and Cookies by the Fireside – $25.00


Of course, it’s not Christmastime without some milk and cookies, and this lounge serves them up with a boozy twist.


The “milk” here is actually coquito, an alcoholic Puerto Rican cocktail that’s popular around the holidays, mixed with Malibu Rum. It’s served up with chocolate peppermint gingerbread men, spiced sugar Christmas tree cookies, and butter pecan signature cookies topped with a decoration with the outline of Mickey Mouse’s head.


This is the main event at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, and we could tell because we saw several tables seated who only ordered this and then left. It is worth the trip alone.


Every guest at the table is provided a plastic cup perfect for dipping the cookies into. I will warn you, there is probably enough coquito for about two people. If there’s more than two adults at the table, you may want to just get another order. The coquito is nice and rich, perfect for soaking into the cookies. I recommend letting the cookies sit in it for a bit as they are quite firm.


The cookies are cute, but probably unremarkable in flavor without the dunking. Together, it’s a perfect combination though. It’s delicious and takes a good picture, what more could you want?

Overall, this is the first menu change at Jock Lindsey’s in years that we have positively reviewed, so we absolutely think that you should make a point to fly on by next time you’re at Disney Springs.

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