REVIEW: NEW Peppermint Cotton Candy at Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure

On our stroll through the newly-reopened Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure today, we encountered a holiday twist on a classic sweet treat… and quite a bit of plexiglass! While select quick-service locations are open for mobile ordering food, you can also walk up to a number of snack kiosks now open throughout the expanded shopping and dining district.


At one of the kiosks adjacent to Carthay Circle (which is also open for outdoor dining), we found Peppermint Cotton Candy!


The new plexiglass barriers in place definitely helped to prevent any direct contact between the cast members and the guests, but makes ordering quite the process…


The barriers have a hole cut out of them, so the cast member can pass you your items.


Soon, we were on our way with our new red and white-striped peppermint cotton candy! But how did it taste?

Red & White Peppermint Cotton Candy – $6


The white and red layers of the cotton candy kind of give off a Santa hat vibe.


The texture of the cotton candy was just as it should be, with a nice balance of fluffy and dense.


The cotton candy was extremely sweet, as cotton candy is supposed to be. However, we found the peppermint flavor to be a little much. In fact, it kind of reminded us of toothpaste. In our opinion, if you’re looking for a sweet treat for around $6, you’re better off picking up something from Trolley Treats.

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