PHOTOS: Sneak Peek of Land Map, New Food, & Merchandise Coming to Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan

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While Guests are already experiencing Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan through Annual Passholder lotteries and contests from park sponsors, we won’t be hearing much about the full details until the spoiler embargo lifts on opening day of February 4th. But to tide us over, Universal Studios Japan recently provided a sneak peek of some food and merchandise coming to the exciting new land!



Universal Studios Japan has finally released a full map of the Super Nintendo World area, which we can see is really quite a compressed space! We learned in the Nintendo Direct last week that Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge is located in the upper left corner within Bowser’s Castle. The other attraction, Yoshi’s Adventure, is in the lower level at center, within the yellow pipe. The giant mushroom next to Yoshi’s Adventure is the home of the Kinopio Cafe, which was also previewed in Miyamoto’s presentation. And all over the land are the interactive elements we were shown!

Meet & Greets


Guests will be able to meet beloved characters like Mario and Luigi, complete with articulated heads that move their mouths and blink!



The main shop for Super Nintendo World is the 1-Up Factory, themed appropriately like a factory. The park also previewed a number of items available to Guests visiting Super Nintendo World!


Guests can purchase these oversized Goomba or Bowser caps to keep their heads warm and show off their favorite Mario baddies.


A giant mushroom hat like the Toads wear is on sale as well.


Mario and Luigi’s gloves are also available!


If you’re looking to impersonate the mustachioed plumber himself, these glasses with attached Mario moustache should bring you a little bit closer, and make for some goofy selfies!


If you’re feeling a bit chilly in the Osaka winter, try this Mario-themed hoodie! The chest has his trademark overalls, and the hood has an M icon, just like his cap.


And of course, we can’t forget about the magically walking Tokotoko Mario, which goes on sale on February 4th, 2021!



As we learned last week, Kinopio’s Cafe (Kinopio is the name for Toad in Japanese) will be the main eatery in Super Nintendo World. It features a number of dishes themed to the Mario franchise, and many of them have mushrooms as a key component.


The Mario Bacon Cheeseburger is one of the entrees, and it comes with a Mario hat attached to the bun!


Also available is this Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl, shaped like one of the series’ iconic mushrooms.


One of the appetizers available is this Piranha Plant Caprese, bearing a strong resemblance to the iconic Mario enemy.


And of course, can’t forget about the ? Block Tiramisu, one of the desserts available to Guests!

Power-Up Bands


As we learned last week, there are six types of Power-Up Band—Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toad, and Yoshi. They are sold at Super Star Plaza near the land’s entrance, and at points all over Super Nintendo World for ¥3200 ($30.89). If you missed it, Power-Up Bands are essential to taking advantage of your Super Nintendo World experience, allowing you to punch ? Blocks and participate in challenges and other interactive elements throughout the land. You can even use them as amiibo on your Nintendo Switch!

Super Nintendo World opens on February 4th and is quickly shaping up to be the most exciting theme park addition of 2021, and we will be here to cover every single detail! So be sure to stay tuned to Universal Parks News Today for all of the latest information and news regarding Super Nintendo World and the rest of the Universal realm!

All information and pictures courtesy of Universal Studios Japan.

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