Chip Teacup and Spoon Set

PHOTOS: Bubble Blowing Chip Teacup and Spoon Set Now Available at Disneyland Resort

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A new cup has been found at World of Disney at Disneyland Resort, and it may just be the cutest we have ever seen. Let’s take a look!

Chip Teacup and Spoon Set – $22.99


This cup features Chip, a side character from Beauty and the Beast, and his adorable attempt to blow bubbles. The cup comes with an accompanying spoon.


Chip makes a silly expression on the front of the teacup.


The spoon that comes with the set is a light blue, meant to look like the bubbles Chip is blowing, with a delightful bubbly detail on the end of the utensil.


The cup is not a normal shape, as Chip’s cheeks make the cup protrude on both sides. He also has bubbles spilling over the top of the right side, where his chip is.

This isn’t the first Beauty and the Beast housewares item we’ve seen recently, as last week many were released at the Disney Home store in the Downtown Disney District. Chip would be a great addition to that collection!

Do you like this Chip teacup? What other Beauty and the Beast items would you like to see available at Disneyland Resort? Let us know in the comments below.