PHOTOS: NEW Disney Dog and Cat Themed Apparel and Home Goods Arrive at Disneyland Resort


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Disney dog and cat merch featured image

PHOTOS: NEW Disney Dog and Cat Themed Apparel and Home Goods Arrive at Disneyland Resort


Updated on:

Disney dog and cat merch featured image

PHOTOS: NEW Disney Dog and Cat Themed Apparel and Home Goods Arrive at Disneyland Resort

World of Disney, the large merchandise store in the Downtown Disney District of Disneyland Resort has just dropped a bunch of new adorable Disney dog and cat themed clothes and kitchen items. We’ve seen more and more of this merchandise popping up recently at Disneyland Resort, and it’s truly the cat’s pajamas. Let’s take a look!

Disney Dogs Loungfly – $75.00


The first new piece of merchandise we found was a Loungefly covered in cute cartoony drawings of famous Disney Dogs. The bag also sports a cute pair of dog ears on the front.


Pluto, Lady, and the Tramp can be seen on the bag, as well as many other Disney pups!


This bag isn’t only themed on the outside, but has an adorably themed lining inside. White dog bones and paw prints can be seen lining the interior of the bag.

Youth Pluto “What Up Dog” Shirt – $24.99


Next is this adorable child’s tee, featuring Pluto among black, grey, yellow and blue stripes. On both the front and back of the shirt is the saying “What up dog” among the stripes.


This shirt was also found at Walt Disney World recently, along with many other Disney pet themed goodies.

Youth “I’m Here To Pet All The Puppies” Shirt – $29.99


Another child’s tee was found with the slogan “I’m here to pet all the puppies” on the front. This shirt highlights four disney dogs. Lady, Doug, Max and Percy. This shirt has frilled sleeves and a flowy bottom.


The back has no patterns or designs, and the entire shirt is a light grey.

Disney Cats Rubber Spatula and Cookie Cutter Set – $19.99


Also found during our trip to World of Disney was this spatula and cookie cutter set. Covered in Disney cats, this silicone spatula would be a must-have for cat-obsessed Disney fans.


Included in the set is a Thomas O’Malley shaped cookie cutter, one of the characters in The Aristocats.

Disney Dogs Rubber Spatula and Cookie Cutter Set – $19.99


To compliment the cats set, there is also a Disney dog version of the spatula and cookie cutter set. Doug, the dog from Up is the cookie cutter outline.


There are dogs on each side of the spatula, the same as the cat version. Bolt and Pongo can be seen among the many pups that adorn this kitchen utensil.

Disney Dog Kitchen Towels – $19.99


To match the kitchen tools, Disney also released a pair of dog kitchen towels. The white towels have sketches of the Disney dogs in black, with light blue accents of paw prints and stripes.


Disney Cat Kitchen Towels – $19.99


The Disney cats version of the towels have the same sketch style for the cats, but instead of a light blue accent, there is a light purple. If you look closely you can see that the purple accent color perfectly matches the handle of the corresponding cat spatula. The dog spatula and towels match with a light blue.


These sets of two towels is a pretty good price at $19.99, and would add a very cute Disney element to your kitchen whether you prefer canines or felines.

Disney Dog Leggings – $24.99


The last of the pet-themed merchandise that we found was this pair of leggings.


Images of Disney dogs run the entire length of the pant, all the way to the hemmed ankle. The dogs pop against the black background.


The top of the leggings feature a glittery silver waistband. There are dark gray paw prints and polka dot accents as well.

This latest drop of dog and cat themed Disney merchandise has me excited about what else will come out soon! Which of these pieces do you plan on picking up? What other types of themed merchandise do you want to see in Disney stores? Let us know in the comments below.