PHOTOS: Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and the France Pavilion Expansion Inch Closer to Opening at EPCOT

Matthew Soberman


PHOTOS: Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and the France Pavilion Expansion Inch Closer to Opening at EPCOT

Bonjour once more from EPCOT! In the last few weeks, we’ve been hearing about the status of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, set to open sometime this year. But between all the tours for TikTok creators and music testing, we thought we’d take to the Disney Skyliner and see what’s really going on from above.


For the most part, things do seem like they’re nearly ready to go. The only real sign of work being done was a construction worker making their way down the sidewalk and a taped-off section near the Remy fountain.


The worker was wearing a hard hat, suggesting that there may need to be some more serious construction outside of the attraction, which is likely already complete.


Meanwhile, as it’s been for a while, the road is clear of any construction debris, while the trees stand tall (if lacking leaves in the wintertime). How far things have come!


It’s hard to make out with the branches in the way, but these turn-of-the-century style structures will make up the exterior queue. And with social distancing requirements in place, they should see plenty of guests, at least in its first few months of operation.


No matter how many times we take this route, the sight of the expansion from the Skyliner is still enchanting.


Meanwhile, we spotted three vehicles parked backstage.


We couldn’t tell if they were moving equipment into or out of the pavilion. If it’s indeed out, then guests could be taking their first steps into this new area very soon.

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