PHOTOS, VIDEO: “Peter Pan” and “Frozen” Mountain Framework Added, New Buildings Spotted in Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea (1/11/21)

Fantasy Springs, the exciting and massive expansion at Tokyo DisneySea opening in 2023, just keeps chugging and coming together! The most exciting thing we spotted this time is that some framework for mountains around the Peter Pan and Frozen areas have gone up! You can check out our video tour in 4K on YouTube, or keep scrolling for photos.

Fantasy Springs Hotel


Since our last visit, the fourth floor of the unnamed Fantasy Springs Hotel has mostly been completed structurally, with the rest of the concrete in place.


On the other side, the smaller wing of the hotel that only just started construction finally has some supports going in the ground. The next step is probably the pouring of concrete for the structure.


No new developments around the rotunda in the past couple of weeks, but seeing elements like this come together certainly makes the project more exciting!


The south side of the structure appears to taper off after a certain point. A couple of new stories have been added since our last visit. But without windows, it’s hard to tell how tall this wing will be.


What little we can see of the interior area of construction also shows little new development aside from the new stories mentioned previously.


Overall, the Fantasy Springs Hotel sure has come a long way these past few months, and it’s only two years now until we get to stay ourselves!

Frozen Attraction


The most significant addition in the Frozen area is the basic framework for Elsa’s North Mountain has gone into the sky over the past two weeks.


Pretty soon, an exciting boat ride adventure featuring the characters and songs of Frozen (but different from Frozen Ever After at EPCOT) will come alive here!


From above, we can also see a new building has sprung up fairly close to the Frozen area. No idea what this could be yet!

Tangled Attraction


Scaffolding has quickly risen around the always tricky-to-spot area where the Tangled boat attraction will eventually be. It looks like quite a bit of external framework has also gone into place as well for the details on the building’s exterior.

Peter Pan Attraction


If scaffolding is rising on Tangled, it has fallen around this small building next to Peter Pan. It’s rather small and simple, and that area on the left would make it appear as though it’ll be an outdoor structure of some kind, perhaps the small Pixie Hollow element we were promised, or a snack bar.


Contrary to the North Mountain over in the Frozen area, it appears concrete rockwork has already been laid in place on top of the Peter Pan show building.


The tarp covering the massive door on the Peter Pan building has been removed, but there’s unfortunately very little to see aside from some run-of-the-mill construction equipment.

Central Power Plant


Outer coverings for the central power plant building are almost done with installation, with only a small corner remaining.

Fantasy Springs is set to open at Tokyo DisneySea in 2023, and hopefully by then you’ll be able to visit Japan and experience this exciting, massive expansion for yourself! What are you most excited for in Fantasy Springs? Be sure to leave us a comment below!

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