REVIEW: NEW Spicy & Loaded Fries, Chicken Donut Sandwich, Grilled Cheese, Cinnamon Bun Cold Brew, and Maple Double Bacon Donut & Rum Cold Brew Leaves Us “Glazed and Confused” at Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew in Disney Springs

Greetings once again from Disney Springs! Earlier this morning, we sampled some of the donuts and drinks at Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew, which opened today, and we’re back for lunch to try even more!


That’s right, this place doesn’t just do sweet, there’s savory options as well.


Sandwiches and fries were the focus this time, along with two more drinks and another donut, just for good measure. Let’s dig in!


Spicy Fries — $6.00


Their waffle fries are topped with buffalo seasoning, scallions, and spicy mayo. As the kids say, these are totally bangin’ , and possibly our favorite item we’ve tried so far.


There’s enough spice to satisfy those who like it, but not enough to scare away those with a more sensitive palate. In truth, they’re more zesty than spicy, with lots of good flavor. We recommend these.

Loaded Fries — $9.00


To try to amp things, up, the waffle fries are topped with chili, queso, bacon, scallions, tomato, cilantro and sour cream.


Frankly, this was a waste of $9. They’re both soggy and overpriced.


The toppings taste like a taco, but it clashes with the flavor of the fries.


Don’t bother with these. If you really want something special with your fries, get the spicy ones instead.


Glazed & Confused — $14.00


This is made with cold brew coffee, rum cordial, vanilla and coffee syrups, glazed cream and topped with whipped cream and served with a Maple Double Bacon Donut. This was the most marketed item, and rightfully so. The salty bacon over the sweet maple cream complimented the moist, soft cake donut. It was a perfect combination.


The drink might be forgettable without the donut, but taking a bite of donut and a sip of this rum-filled cold brew is a must. Otherwise, it’s an unremarkable rum coffee slush without the donut.

Cinnamon Bun Cold Brew — $6.50


Cold brew coffee is mixed with cinnamon bun syrup, Cinnamon Toast Milk, and topped with whipped cream for this drink. This was absolute junk. The coffee was burnt, which ruined the cinnamon flavor. The quality was so bad that it made it unpleasant to consume.

Nutella Bella Donut — $5.50


This is a Nutella crème-filled, chocolate iced donut, topped with crushed hazelnuts, and believe us, this is worth it.


The creme was absolutely delicious. Shockingly, it’s also not overly sweet. The subtle sweetness of the cake, combined with the hazelnut crunch on top, is fabulous.

The Grilled Cheeeeeese — $6.00


This cheesy sandwich is served on a griddled sweet bun, though you can get it on a donut for an additional dollar. Perhaps that’s what you should do, because this tasted like a basic grilled cheese we could make at home.


It’s just one homogenous mass of cheese as far as we can taste. The sweet bun is nice and doughy, which counters the cheese well. It’s not bad, but we don’t think this is worth ordering at a restaurant.

The Funky Chicken — $13.00


This consists of fried chicken, ranch slaw, barbecue sauce, spicy mayonnaise and bread and butter pickles. We opted to get it on the donut.


There’s a lot going on here, making it extremely difficult to pick it up. The tangy sauce has a pleasant taste combined with the sweetness of the donut.


The chicken is a nice big piece, which should satisfy particularly hungry diners. It’s good, but for the money, we’d prefer the chicken sandwich at D-Luxe Burger or Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ over this.

Overall Thoughts

Donut lovers will be satisfied with Everglazed, but for sandwiches, this isn’t the best option. If Gideon’s Bakehouse is open, you’re better off just going there for the novelty factor. These are great donuts if that’s specifically what you’re in the mood for, but ultimately, we think they tried to do too much on this menu. (Even if the Spicy Fries were amazing.)

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