SHOP: New Disney Dogs and Cats Pin Sets Arrive on shopDisney

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SHOP: New Disney Dogs and Cats Pin Sets Arrive on shopDisney

Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, you’ll like these new pin sets now available on shopDisney. They are the latest in the Disney Dogs and Cats collection that has mostly been available at Walt Disney World. Wear these pins with the collection’s new MagicBand and you’ll be ready for a day in the parks!

Disney Dogs Pin Set – $29.99


Each set comes with five pins. They are detailed with glitter and raised elements. Though it’s not pictured on shopDisney, the dog pin set comes in a Pluto backing card.


One pin says “Stay PAWsitive” with Dug from Up.


Percy from Pocahontas is giving a quizzical look on his pillow.


One pin says “I <3 My Disney Dog” alongside several generic dogs and toys.


Winston from Pixar’s short Feast grins above an “I <3 My Dog” banner (shopDisney erroneously labels this dog as also being Percy, but we know better).


Finally, Lady and the Tramp are happy as can be in front of a glittery heart.

Disney Cats Pin Set – $29.99


The Disney Cats pin set comes on a backing card featuring Figaro peeking over the top.


Figaro also poses with a banner saying “I <3 My Cat.”


Thomas O’Malley and Duchess from The Aristocats are on a shiny heart pin.


Of course there is an “I <3 My Disney Cat” pin.


Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove appears in her cat form with one of the collection’s signature phrases: “You say Cat Lady like it’s a bad thing.”


Finally, there’s a cute Marie pin.

Will you be purchasing one or both of these pin sets? Let us know what your favorite pin from the collection is in the comments below.