PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 2/12/21 (More Color, Love, Lines and Leaves)

Hey everyone and welcome to a colorful day at Epcot, and we mean that literally as we walked into Epcot with even more colorful Leave A Legacy walls revealed.


What better way to start the day than walking through a rainbow?


We saw some topiaries pop up near Mouse Gear, our favorite Bambi movie characters, Thumper, Flower and of course the adorable Bambi himself.


Well, we couldn’t help it and had to stop into Mouse Gear since we happened to be so close and found a few cute items for marvel fans and cat lovers alike. Starting with a magnet that really hit us with the feels for only $14.99 at Mouse Gear.


Followed by a subtle, and yet very Disney wood picture frame for $29.99.


Finally, a new Marie sweater for $44.99, which this picture wasn’t taken at Mouse Gear but can be found there. We just felt like this picture had some better lighting so you all could get a better look at the details and colors.


Through our usual walk through the park, we found something new going on in Mexico, it seems the pavilion has now created multiple lines to get in. Depending on if you just want to enter to go shopping or ride the Gran Fiesta Tour, you can use the main entrance as normal.


If you are eating at the San Angel Inn Restaurante, you can just show your reservations to check-in and are directed up the handicap ramp and escorted straight to the restaurant.


Those two have been around for a little while now, but this third line is meant for La Cava Del Tequila, which the only way we found out was by overhearing a group looking to get drinks and was told about the separate line being tested today. Now, if you go by the meet and greet outside before you get to the main area here.

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Walk down the path till you get to an area once only meant for cast members.


From there turn left and you’ll see an open door leading into the pavilion.


You’ll know for sure that you are in the right place when you find the menu right next to the door, if not, you’re probably in a cast member area and should turn around before someone sees you.


Well after finding three ways to get into the pavilion, we decided to ride the Gran Fiesta Tour. Our days have to have a little fun between reporting all this wonderful new news to you.


Although The Three Caballeros animatronics are still missing from the ride, not entirely sure when they shall return from where ever they may have gone, it doesn’t take away from the overall ride.


On the way back to our car and the front of the park we ran into Nate doing another 3D drawing for the art festival, this time, based on the movie Cocoa. He’s not entirely done yet but says he may finish tomorrow before the park opens, adding a beautiful scene along with our favorite guitar-playing kid. As always, looking forward to seeing it finished and taking some cool pictures with it.


After a long day, you never realize how fast time flies or how you may have forgotten to eat. So food was on the mind and food is what we sought next. We decided on trying the Prime Steak Tartare over at The Painter’s Palate and it was delicious.


Before we knew it, the sun was down as we walked out of the park to see a view that will still amaze us for as long as we continue visiting this park, Spaceship Earth lit up in the dark night.


Still have to say it wasn’t the last amazing thing we saw tonight as we were exiting the park. We were surprised by a little hidden mickey left on the path to the parking lot, it almost leaf us speechless… Well the night is late, and the jokes only get cornier from here, so let us just finish by saying, we hope your day or days to come are just as great as ours are when going to a theme park.