Robin Hood pin and backpack

PHOTOS: New “Robin Hood” Loungefly Backpack and Pin Now Available Online

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Loungefly has just released a new Robin Hood themed backpack and enamel pin. These new pieces of merchandise reflect the humor and adventure in the classic film.

“Robin Hood” Loungefly Backpack – $70.00


This Loungefly has Robin Hood and Maid Marian swinging over the archery tournament tents as they escape from Prince John.


The bag is a bright blue, with darker blue accents. The Loungefly logo is on the right side of the backpack.


On the back of the bag is Sir Hiss, using a balloon and his tail to fly through the clouds.


Sir Hiss is also on the interior lining of the bag between rows of pastel flags.

“Robin Hood” Enamel Pin – $25.00


The pin that matches the bag has Robin Hood and Maid Marian swinging once again, but the pin has a feature that actually allows the characters to swing from side to side.


This pin is a limited release, with only 1,200 up for grabs! This Loungefly backpack and pin duo are available on Loungefly’s website.

If you’re a fan of Robin Hood, check out this journal we found at Disneyland Resort. Do you like this new Loungefly backpack and pin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.