REVIEW: Knife, Fork, and Spoon Grilled Cheese from Mythos Restaurant in the Lost Continent Is Worth Finding at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

When you think of a place like Mythos Restaurant, grilled cheese doesn’t usually come to mind, unless you’re “in the know” of the best meals at Universal Orlando. We have indulged in the Knife, Fork, and Spoon Grilled Cheese enough lately to know that this really is a must have dish when visiting Islands of Adventure.


Mythos Restaurant is located in the Lost Continent at Universal’s Islands of Adventure and has a variety of offerings. From Beef Loin Medallions to Wild Mushroom Barley Risotto, there are some really great choices on the menu. When dining at a full service restaurant like Mythos, it might surprise you that we would urge you to try the Knife, Fork, and Spoon Grilled Cheese.


It’s no ordinary grilled cheese, though. This 3 cheese grilled cheese comes served in a small bowl of Tuscan tomato soup and is topped with crispy pork belly and house made chips.

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This sandwich is delicately placed on top of a small bowl of tomato soup. The bread is soft with just the right amount of crispness. It soaks up just enough of the tomato soup to add flavor without making the sandwich soggy.


It’s not too overly cheesy, but it’s just the right amount to satisfy and give you a nice, cheese-pull when eating. It’s amazing. The crispy pork belly and house made chips add an extra texture and flavor to the sandwich to make this so much more than your typical grilled cheese.


The Knife, Fork, and Spoon Grilled Cheese from Mythos Restaurant is $16 and well worth it. It might not be the most filling meal, but it is absolutely worth the trip to the park. We dream about this sandwich, and we’re sure we’re not the only ones! Let us know in the comments if you’re a fan of the Knife, Fork, and Spoon Grilled Cheese or if you plan to try it on your next visit.