REVIEW: Fried Pork and Vegetable Pot Stickers Join the Citrus Swirl at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Magic Kingdom

There’s an interesting new snack item on the menu of Sunshine Tree Terrace in Magic Kingdom. Along with the “I Lava You” float, guests can now get fried pork and vegetable pot stickers. This has to be seen as a weird addition at what has always been a place to get a soft serve treat.


Fried Pork and Vegetable Pot Stickers – $6.99


These pot stickers are served with orange sesame ginger sauce.


The sauce just tastes like Panda Express’ orange chicken, but with a stronger orange flavor. It also reminds us a bit of Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen’s Perkins Thai Noodles.

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The pot stickers themselves are nice and crispy, with tender pork inside, offset by the crunch of the vegetables. They taste like standard pork pot stickers, so they’re nothing particularly special, but they’re a nice treat if you’re looking something different while strolling through Adventureland.

Will you be trying these pot stickers on your next Magic Kingdom trip? Let us know in the comments!