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REVIEW: “WandaVision” Frappuccino Enchants Us at Disneyland Resort

We interrupt this program: Starbucks has a new WandaVision Frappuccino! If you haven’t heard, WandaVision is currently the most popular TV series in the world. To celebrate the Disney+ series, a special photo-op opened at Disneyland Resort and now a Starbucks frappuccino has been made in its honor. Please stand by for our review of this frozen drink!


“WandaVision” Frappuccino (Green Tea Frappuccino with Strawberry Purée) – $6.95


This is a green tea cream-based frappuccino created with a sweet strawberry purée, which resembles the hue of Wanda’s powers. We ordered the drink in Venti (the largest size) but you can get it in any of the Starbucks sizes for various prices.


The green tea base almost tastes like melted matcha ice cream with a very creamy and thick texture. The hints of strawberry help add some sweetness to the drink without overpowering the matcha flavor.


The whipped cream is dense but fluffy. However, it melts into the drink and dilutes the flavor, making it taste somewhat bland.


When the matcha, strawberry, and whipped cream mix, the colors lose their vibrancy. The drink turns into a putrid brown color when they melt together.


Overall, this aesthetically-pleasing and refreshing, creamy drink is perfect for any green tea lover but melts fast – so enjoy it quick!

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