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This week? It’s a review 65 Million years in the making – Jim Henson’s Dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs was a part of the TGIF lineup in the early 1990s, a block of family programming on ABC that included shows like Full House and Family Matters.

The show featured a family of anthropomorphic dinosaurs, lead by father Earl, mother Fran, and their 3 kids – Robbie, Charlene and Junior and tackled all sorts of modern day issues and topics.

The series was broadcast from 1991-1994 on ABC and ran for 65 episodes. The show later played in reruns on the Disney Channel and is now finally available on Disney+!

Dinosaurs was one of the final projects that Jim Henson worked on, and it aired a year after his passing. Henson dreamed up the project years before, but it was considered too crazy for TV until the Simpsons came along and shattered the concept of the modern situation comedy.

Join Rob and Katy as they go deep into this classic TV sitcom with reviews and trivia of the prehistoric cult classic.

So get ready to party like it’s Friday night in 1991, because we’re taking you way back and Deep in the Plus!

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