PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 3/25/21 (Castle Bunting, Stage Construction, Tron Scaffolding, and A Bazaar Reopens “kind of”)



PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 3/25/21 (Castle Bunting, Stage Construction, Tron Scaffolding, and A Bazaar Reopens “kind of”)



PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 3/25/21 (Castle Bunting, Stage Construction, Tron Scaffolding, and A Bazaar Reopens “kind of”)

To go with the idea I’ve been trying for the Epcot photo reports, here is a little fact you may or may not know. The metal palm trees in Tomorrowland are solar-powered and once upon a time would extend their branches when it was sunny out and shrink when the sun would go down. They haven’t worked for some time now, but maybe with all the repairs and refurbishments going on around the park, this could be one of them. Well, it would be nice if they did.


Anyway, starting off bright and early, and I do mean early, with the park opening up an hour earlier than usual for spring, we took the bus to the park. As quickly as we got on, we would have probably still been waiting in line for the monorail by the time we actually got to the park using this mode of transportation.


Our first stop was the castle to see any new additions and found some more work was done on the stage. It seems progress on this section comes in quick, quality bursts of speed.


Taking a moment to look left, we got to see this beautiful view with the sun slowly rising over Space Mountain. There are some clouds in the way, but the view is magnificent. Don’t you agree?


More bunting was added to the middle turret on the west side of the castle, or to make it easier, the left side walking up to it from the entrance. For those that keep seeing the word bunting and not know what it means. Bunting is defined as any festive decorations made of fabric, or of plastic, paper or even cardboard in imitation of fabric.


More concrete by Tomorrowland Speedway being set and sectioned off, not sure why, but a smooth concrete tile floor is a pretty sight to some.


Over at Tron’s canopy, workers began removing the scaffolding beneath, allowing us a moment to gather how small we are in comparison to this monument of life in the grid.


Over at Gaston’s Tavern the fountain is full and beautifully flowing, not sure if we reported this before, but can you honestly not get enough of this statue. We sure can’t.


Taking a quick stop over at Master Gracey’s mansion, we took a moment to go in and say hi, walking right onto the ride at around 9am this morning. Nothing like a little tour of the mansion to startle you awake. It’s better than a cup of coffee.


All we can say to this is, the eagle has not landed yet.


Over in Adventureland, the Agrabah Bazaar reopened to become a stroller parking area and place for standing tables.


Oh, and Jack says hi. Sorry, Captain Jack. He hates it when we forget his rank. We honestly do it on purpose… since he still owes us our cut from the treasure of the seven seas.


Work continues on the Swiss Family Robinson’s Tree-house with some roping being done at the front. We tried to ask some questions, but the construction worker seemed “tied up” in his work.


Well with that and not much new at the park, we set sail!


To the location where this hidden mickey is located. Do you know where it is, the next pics will give away the area but not the exact location if you aren’t familiar with the resort.


Construction workers were buttoning up some lights on top of the water kids area when we first arrived.


We also got to see more progress out front with the constant construction. Can’t wait for it to be finished and celebrate with some sushi at Kona to admire the view.


We finish with the construction out on Floridian Way as we drive out of the Magic Kingdom parking lot and on to another Disney day.