PHOTOS: Jurassic Park Discovery Center Sign Painting Complete at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

We reported earlier this month that the Jurassic Park Discovery Center was in the middle of a repainting project. Now the painting appears to be complete as a bright red Jurassic Park sign and freshly painted columns debut at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.


The lettering on the sign now matches that of the iconic Jurassic Park entrance in the films.


The faded red is now incredibly bright and can be see from across the water.


The dingy yellow columns are now a red-brown to match the fossil wall in the middle of the sign.


The Jurassic Park Discovery Center is home to interactive exhibits where guests can unearth the mysteries of earth’s prehistoric past. While the exhibits are temporarily closed, the building remains open as a Universal Studios Annual Passholder lounge for those dining at The Burger Digs.


In addition to the Jurassic Park Discovery Center, it seems as though the entire Jurassic Park area is undergoing an exterior refresh in preparation for the debut of the Jurassic World VelociCoaster this summer.

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