REVIEW: NEW Loaded Buffalo Chicken Hot Dog & Loaded Bacon Macaroni and Cheese Hot Dog at The Friar’s Nook in the Magic Kingdom

Two brand new loaded hot dogs join the unique menu at The Friar’s Nook in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. While loaded macaroni and cheese and “tater bites” have been a staple at this quick-service dining location lately, new loaded hot dogs are now available as well.

Loaded Buffalo Chicken and Tater Bites Hot Dog — $11.49

This hot dog is topped with buffalo chicken, celery, blue cheese, and served with tater tots.


We’ve had these toppings before on the loaded tater tot option here at The Friar’s Nook, but today we tried the same toppings on their large hot dogs.


The buffalo wasn’t as spicy as we remember from the loaded tater tots, but the toppings are delicious.


The celery really added the perfect touch to this dish and there crunch complemented the hot dog nicely.


The blue cheese didn’t really stand out like we would expect since it was so plentiful.


Overall, this was a solid option and a good value considering how much food you get.

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Loaded Bacon Macaroni and Cheese and Tater Bites Hot Dog — $11.49

This hotdog is topped with bacon and macaroni and cheese and is served with tater tots.


The macaroni and cheese is hearty and creamy, but not very flavorful.


The salty and flavorful bacon crumbles on top really added something that was needed to this dish.


Like the buffalo chicken hot dog, this is a great value and you get a lot of food for only $11.49.


While we found both hot dogs impressive, we still think that the tater tots are the better option if you’re looking for flavor. The toppings are delicious, but they get a bit lost on the hotdogs. We would still order them again and think that they are still a great bang for buck for lunch options at the Magic Kingdom.

Interested in other “loaded” dishes at The Friar’s Nook? Don’t miss their breakfast offerings that include loaded tots with sausage and gravy!