REVIEW: New “Mrs. Incredible Float” Is a Stretch for Women’s History Month at Disney Springs

Disney Springs is honoring Women’s History Month with “Celebrate HER Story” offerings including several new treats.


At Marketplace Snacks, guests can pick up the new Mrs. Incredible Float.


We couldn’t help but wonder why the float didn’t “celebrate her story” by being called the Elastigirl Float, considering that is her real superhero name. But we didn’t let that get in the way of enjoying what turned out to be a delicious snack.

Mrs. Incredible Float – $9.99

Dole Whip Strawberry and Dole Whip Lemon with Black Cherry Lemonade and Souvenir Straw


The souvenir straw comes wrapped in plastic and not only features Elastigirl but also “celebrates her story” by making sure to include her baby.


The strawberry Dole Whip was surprisingly light and refreshing. It wasn’t overly sweet or medicinal strawberry like we expected.


The lemon Dole Whip is one of our favorites. It’s tart but also has the right amount of sweetness.


The mask on top is fondant.


The cherry lemonade is disturbingly dark but really good. It’s tart and tastes mostly of lemonade, with a sort of hint of actual cherry. Again, not medicinal tasting at all.


In summary, we were dubious about the taste of this one but it’s a surprisingly delicious dessert that we would get again. We took much more issue with the name than the flavors!

Would you try the Mrs. Incredible Float at Disney Springs? Let us know in the comments.

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