REVIEW: New Mint Chocolate Chip Glazed Beignets Arrive for St. Patrick’s Day at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen Express in Downtown Disney

Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen Express is serving up some seasonal mint chocolate chip beignets at the Disneyland Resort. This restaurant is at the Downtown Disney District and offers “a taste of New Orleans.”


The Jazz Kitchen Express is home to iconic New Orleans fare such as beignets, gumbo, and even sells Cafe Du Monde coffee.


A new seasonal beignet is available just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. These mint chocolate chip beignets are available through March 21.


Mint Chocolate Chip Glazed Beignets — $11.99

A sweet blend of chocolate chips and fresh mint with a “touch of the Irish” green sprinkles


The dish comes with four beignets and is served in a plastic to-go container.


These beignets are topped with a mint-infused glaze, a sweet blend of chocolate chips, and a “touch of the Irish” green sprinkles. The beignets themselves are the traditional beignets that are available daily. No additional flavors have been added to the actual dough.

The mint infused glaze actually has a wonderful flavor. It doesn’t have any artificial toothpaste mint-like bites, but rather a subtle, cool mint that isn’t overpowering.


The chocolate chips made for a great additional topping and the sweetness blended really well with the mint. It added a needed richness to the doughy treat. The green sprinkles brought a nice varied texture but didn’t contribute to any real flavor.


The beignets are fluffy and delicious as always, and overall we think this is a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day treat.

If you’re looking for more St. Patrick’s Day treats, check out the new Shamrock Rice Crispy Treat also at the Disneyland Resort.

Will you be trying these new beignets at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen Express? Let us know in the comments below!