PHOTOS: Moe’s Tavern and Mulligan’s Irish Pub Reopen in Universal Studios Hollywood

Now that the park has reopened, additional offerings are beginning to join the lineup at Universal Studios Hollywood. Today we noticed that two of our favorite spots for an alcoholic beverage have begun serving again: Mulligan’s Irish Pub and Moe’s Tavern!

Moe’s Tavern


Moe’s Tavern is the famous, or perhaps infamous, corner bar featured in “The Simpsons” for decades. Behind it, you can see scenery from Springfield, the ambiguous town which is home to tavern.


Metal barricades are set up outside to guide the physically distanced entrance into the famous watering hole. Ground markings indicated waiting spots that are 6 feet apart. Unlike Universal Orlando Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood has not reduced spacing to 3 feet.


As you enter, Barney Gumble greets you by staring into his empty mug—and contemplating his life choices.


This seating area reopened with the park, but the tavern hasn’t been serving drinks until today.


A physically distanced line of patrons waits their turn inside, wrapping around a pool table.


A bartender works hard to serve guests their favorite Moe’s Tavern beverage, and plexiglass has been added to the spots where they might interact with guests.

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In celebration of Moe’s Tavern reopening, we’re drinking a Flaming Moe!

Mulligan’s Irish Pub


Like Moe’s Tavern, Mulligan’s Irish Pub has also reopened to guests at Universal Studios Hollywood.


Mulligan’s is also utilizing some metal barricades to help shape the entryway, and is using the same ground markings for physical distancing.


An Irish blessing welcomes guests walking into Mulligan’s.


The menu at Mulligan’s includes some fairly diverse offerings, everything from Margaritas, to a Guinness Old Fashioned, to Long Islands. All of the menu items cost $14 or $15.


Two guests wait to be served their favorite Mulligan’s beverage at the plexiglass-clad bar.

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