PHOTOS: “Walt Disney World” Sign Being Repainted as EPCOT/World Center Drive Entrance Refurbishment Continues

Walt Disney World’s main entrances have been undergoing a refurbishment ahead of the resort’s 50th anniversary, and in recent weeks, the focus has turned to EPCOT/World Center Drive, the final entrance to receive the new color scheme.


In just the span of just a day, quite a bit has changed. Let’s see what’s new!


Work on the far right side of the sign is mostly complete, with Minnie Mouse’s area sporting the new royal blue, gold and gray color scheme.


Most of what we saw today took place on the left-hand side of the sign. The archway is now completely repainted, with only a gradient to a lighter blue needed to match the right.


Meanwhile, the “Walt Disney World” lettering on the archway has also begun to be repainted, with “Walt” now featured in white. New flags are also beginning to be added.


As for Mickey Mouse’s part of the entrance, the brick red on the farthest column to the left has given way to the stone gray. Painting has now shifted to the column second to the left, as the part directly facing the road also sports the new color scheme. When we passed by, we saw construction workers priming the base at the top of the column, which a gold sphere sits on.


And now, we come to the most exciting part: the backside of entrance! But seriously, the back seems mostly complete (save for the column painting). If work stays at its current pace, it looks like the entire refurbishment should be finished within a matter of days. Below, you can see concept art of how the entrance should look when complete.


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