REVIEW: New Isla Chicken Sandwich from Jurassic Cafe at Universal Studios Hollywood

We’ve returned to the brand-new Jurassic Cafe in Universal Studios Hollywood to try their Isla Chicken Sandwich.

Isla Chicken Sandwich – $13.99


This is yet another great lunch option from Jurassic Cafe.


The chicken was excellent for a quick-service location. It wasn’t very thick, so the sandwich was easy to eat. It was lightly breaded with a little bit of crunch.


The chicken is topped with herb aioli, which was a little oily but had a great, earthy flavor. Tomato and lettuce also came on the sandwich.


The bun wasn’t dry like a lot of theme park bread. It was buttery and soft.


The seasoned fries are crispy and warm and make a good side.

We recommend this or the BBQ brisket sandwich at Jurassic Cafe. Which one would you rather try? Let us know in the comments.