Sweet and Savory Popcorn at Disney's Hollywood Studios

REVIEW: New Sweet and Savory Popcorn is Classic Yet Satisfying at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Walt Disney World is a place where most of your snacking dreams can come true. This is definitely the case when it comes to new and innovative popcorn flavors. But sometimes you just want to munch on an old standard. For these classic cravings we bring you the “Sweet and Savory Popcorn” from Hot and Fresh Popcorn at Hollywood Studios.  


Sweet and Savory Popcorn- $7.50


As per usual with these seasonal blends, the popcorn comes in a handy resealable bag in case you do not want to gobble it all up in one snacking session.


Here is a look at the ingredients for this “Summer Festive Mix”. Caramel and cheesy cheddar are the standout elements of this sweet and savory combo.


We found the cheddar flavor a bit salty but not too overpowering, especially when combined with the sweetness of the caramel.


The caramel coating tends to stick to teeth, as caramel is wont to do. However, this did not detract from the satisfying crunch delivered from both popcorn varieties.

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A word of advice: be sure to have napkins handy because the cheddar coating will dust up your fingers in short order.


Combine cheesy remnants with the sticky caramel coating and you’re sure to have a real mess on your hands.


In the end, the sweet and savory combination reminded us of the classic popcorn tins you would get at Grandma’s house around the holidays.  For this reason we rate this snack a satisfying and nostalgic take on a well-known popcorn mix.

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