REVIEW: Incredible Decor & Cute Souvenirs at Tokyo Disneyland’s “Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall” Don’t Compensate for Mediocre Food

When people visit Tokyo Disneyland, often one of their first stops for a unique dining experience is the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall in Fantasyland, themed to the classic film Alice in Wonderland. Thanks to an incredible spate of new souvenir items available as bundles with meals and desserts at the restaurant, we decided to finally give it a try along with our thoughts on the latest refresh to the menu!


Walking into the restaurant, Guests step through the Doorknob flanked by two Card Soldiers holding food.


Inside, the interior is filled top to bottom with Wonderland decor, particularly faux flowers that double as lights.


Dining areas looking out onto the park have cartoony stained glass windows with hearts at their center, along with scenes from the film.


When Guests are ready to order, they can walk through the hedges, past more Card Soldiers, and into the Queen of Hearts’ Castle!


On the left side of the dining area, Guests can also be greeted by various Wonderland characters holding dishes and serveware.


Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall is a Buffeteria-style setup where Guests have their choice of several entrees, appetizers, and desserts, all served a la carte.

Baked Salmon with Seafood Cream Sauce – ¥1400 ($12.75)


For our review, we chose the baked salmon in seafood cream sauce, which also comes with some sort of bread-potato thing, I legitimately could not determine which it was. Although the skin comes off rather easily, what we were left with was a cut of salmon that was inconsistently cooked, with some areas being too dry and difficult to cut, while others were perfectly fine. Additionally, while the cream sauce is a nice compliment, the taste is rather lacking and leaves you wanting a bit more. As for the strange potato-bread thing, it was surprisingly delicious with a touch of tomato and cheese, definitely makes up for the rather mediocre entree.

Strawberry Cream Cake with Souvenir Plate – ¥850 ($7.74)


The real reason we came today is of course for the desserts! To start, we dug into this lovely (if a bit small) cake. But in reality, it’s quite an excellent value proposition considering you get to keep the plate! The cake itself is mixed shades of pink and purple, topped with a rich icing and a half strawberry.


Plus the plate itself is pretty adorable, featuring Alice, the Queen and King of Hearts, the White Rabbit, and the Cheshire Cat.

As for the cake itself, it was exactly as it should be, at a perfect level of sweetness and balance between cake and icing. Often the cakes served at Tokyo Disney Resort and in Japan in general are too fluffy and spongy, so it was a pleasant surprise to taste plenty of rich icing in the layers of the cake. The cake itself was a mixed berry flavor, with strawberry icing within and a rich raspberry icing on top. This was definitely an excellent choice and we highly recommend it! Plus get a load of how cute the plate is!

Custard Pudding with Souvenir Cup – ¥850 ($7.74)


Housed inside this incredible souvenir ceramic mug that features the same art as the plate and a heart-shaped handle, and certainly is worth it for the cup alone!


Plus you get this… rather unimpressive dessert. Aside from the white chocolate ace of hearts, there is absolutely nothing special about this compared to any other Japanese pudding (think flan, basically). The custard flavor was mild at best, combined with the caramel syrup creates a rather… uninspired flavor. Other souvenir desserts served around Tokyo Disneyland are far more impressive than this, but the mug design itself certainly makes up for it.

Souvenir Tray – ¥1200 ($10.93)


Also available with the purchase of any entree is this souvenir tray, designed exactly like those given to Guests when they dine!


The souvenir tray is roughly half the size of the original tray, and makes an excellent addition to the collection of anyone who ever dreamed of taking these trays home with them.

All in all, if you aren’t interested in any of the souvenir items, you’re far better off spending your money at other restaurants at Tokyo Disneyland, such as La Taverne de Gaston or the latest seasonal sets around the park. But if your heart’s set on the mini tray or souvenir dessert serveware, a trip to Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall is worth your time for sure! Did you ever dine here? Are you interested in visiting on your next trip to Tokyo Disneyland? Let us know in the comments below!

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