REVIEW: Shawarma Palace Is Fit for a Hero in Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure

Katie Francis


REVIEW: Shawarma Palace Is Fit for a Hero in Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure

It’s a busy day here at the Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure, and we decided to drop by Shawarma Palace for a lunch break. Luckily, we were able to snag a mobile order slot early this morning before they ran out for the day. After a dismal breakfast at Pym Test Kitchen, let’s see how the famous shawarma stacks up.


New York’s Tastiest – $12.99

Chicken Shawarma wrap, garlic spread, and coconut Yogurt-Tahini sauce with pickled vegetables


The New York’s Tastiest Shawarma lived up to all the hype. It was excellent, and dare we say, even better than a Ronto Wrap. The pita is soft but sturdy enough to hold the wrap together.


The chicken is tender and well-seasoned, with a little bit a kick and a hint of garlic.


What it lacks in aesthetic appeal it makes up in flavor.


The Coconut Yogurt-Tahini Sauce with Pickled Vegetables is an excellent side, creamy and light with a sweet coconut flavor. The sauce comes with both wraps and can be purchased separately for $0.89.

We would definitely recommend this to guests visiting Avengers Campus.

Impossible Victory Falafel – $12.99

Plant-based Falafel and cauliflower wrap, garlic spread, hummus, and coconut Yogurt-Tahini sauce with pickled vegetables


Like the New York’s Tastiest, the pita was soft and delicious. The falafel was tasty with a note of curry, but could have been a little crispier.


The cauliflower adds a nice texture, but it got soft quickly. There’s a hint of garlic, but the hummus flavor is lost under the other ingredients.


We liked the falafel best with the sauce. The acidity really brings out the flavor in this wrap. Overall, we preferred the New York’s Tastiest, but would still recommend the Impossible Victory Falafel to those seeking a plant-based option.

Iron Man’s Infinity Gauntlet – $27.79

with your favorite Coca-Cola Bottled Beverage


Thirst is inevitable, but you can be just like Tony Stark and defeat it with Iron Man’s Infinity Gauntlet.


The gauntlet has a built-in cup holder for your beverage.


This is a fun souvenir that fans are sure to love.

Overall, we enjoyed Shawarma Palace. We’ll definitely be coming back for more of the New York’s Tastiest on future visits to Disney California Adventure.

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