PHOTOS: More Scaffolding Erected Around Castle at Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom

As Walt Disney World gears up for its 50th anniversary celebrations, many parts of the resort are undergoing maintenance to make them look their best. Among the ongoing refurbishments in the Magic Kingdom is Be Our Guest restaurant in Fantasyland. For the last several weeks, the rockwork surrounding Beast’s castle has been covered in scaffolding as it is repainted. And just a week ago, we saw scaffolding begin to be erected around the castle after it received a thorough power wash. Now we see the castle has been fully surrounded by further scaffolding as workers prepare for repainting.


The castle has been sun-bleached and then pressure washed, leading to a very faded and splotchy appearance while work is being done.


Upon close inspection, it doesn’t appear that repainting has begun yet. Some areas of the castle are more vibrant than others, but this is just due to less intense power washing on hard-to-blast surfaces like the turret roof or paint peeling during the process in some places.


Nearby the castle, the rockwork is still covered in scaffolding as well.


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