REVIEW: New White Chocolate Churro Materializes Near Haunted Mansion In Disneyland

A plethora of spooky-themed treats are arriving at Disneyland in lieu of the Halloween season ahead, and a new White Chocolate Churro has materialized near Haunted Mansion for us to try.

White Chocolate Churro – $5.75

While there is no official signage for the ghostly-dusted treat, it is your classic churro with a generous helping of powdered sugar mixed with white chocolate all over.


The new churro is standard size and comes wrapped with paper for easy holding.

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This just tasted like a regular churro to us, with the addition of some added sweetness from the white chocolate dusting.


The churro isn’t a bad option, but had zero white chocolate flavor so you may want to pass on this one if that is your selling point.


You can find the White Chocolate Churro at the Churro Cart across from Haunted Mansion in Disneyland.


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