VIDEO: Take a 4K Float-Through Aboard Pirates of the Caribbean at Tokyo Disneyland Featuring the Redhead Auction Scene

Tokyo Disneyland is well-known for rarely making changes to its classic attractions, with favorites like Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain remaining untouched at the nearly 40-year-old park. And in some ways, Pirates of the Caribbean follows that trend, being the last version to contain the infamous redhead auction scene. While not as long as the original Disneyland version, it’s not nearly as cut-down as the Florida iteration, and you can experience it in low-light 4K right here courtesy of our YouTube channel!

Aside from receiving the Jack Sparrow storyline, Pirates of the Caribbean has seen very few changes since it opened in 1983, with pirates still chasing women (which were removed in the ’90s stateside) and of course the infamous redhead auction scene. And given the Oriental Land Company’s disinclination for changing things, it’s likely that it will remain the same long into the future.

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