Christmas Cookie Milk Shake

REVIEW: Christmas Cookie Milk Shake Delights at Magic Kingdom

With the holiday season arriving, we’re now getting an initial taste of Christmas treats at Magic Kingdom. Our first dessert of the 2021 season at the park is in the form of an updated milk shake, coming to us from the best outpost in Tomorrowland for frozen concoctions: Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies!

Christmas Cookie Milk Shake – $7.99

Christmas cookie-flavored milk shake with whipped cream and holiday sprinkles.


The milk shake joins the delicious Christmas Cookie Sundae which is returning from earlier years. Unlike many seasonal treats at Magic Kingdom, these are available all day long, not just during after hours events.


A past version of this shake was a bit more questionable for a holiday treat, using cotton candy instead of whipped cream and topping off with a marshmallow Mickey. The shake still comes in a non-descript clear plastic cup, and is mostly comprised of a cookie butter flavored milk shake base.


We found the core milk shake to be much improved, actually reflecting its namesake flavor now. While it’s not a perfect, the overall taste matches what is advertised.


A generous swirl of whipped cream is served over the frozen treat—a necessary element for any milk shake, and another change which improves this updated version over its past self.


The shake is then topped with a light dusting of Christmas tree and star sprinkles over the whipped cream, adding a slight bit of texture and additional sweetness to the cup, and adding more of that “Christmas cookie” taste.


Overall, this was a pleasant and filling dessert, offering a simple but tasty serving of cookie flavors. More than anything, we’re happy to see that the older version of this shake was given some TLC to make it an enjoyable treat.

Will you be giving this milk shake from Auntie Gravity’s a shot during the holiday season? Let us know your plans in the comments!

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