REVIEW: Christmas Cookie Butter Milkshake Returns to Beaches & Cream Soda Shop in Disney’s Beach Club Resort

If you head over to Beaches & Cream Soda Shop at Disney’s Beach Club Resort this winter, you’ll find the Christmas-inspired Cookie Butter Milkshake, piled high with a bright red and green cupcake. The milkshake debuted last year.

We ordered from the to-go window. Don’t worry; the milkshake still comes just as Instagram-able as if you ordered inside.

Cookie Butter Milkshake – $15

Cookie butter-flavored milkshake drizzled in red and green caramel and topped with a red velvet Christmas tree cupcake


The shake comes served in a classic Mason jar-style plastic souvenir cup, swirled on the inside with red and green-colored caramel. The top of the cup is covered in frosting and Christmas sprinkles, with a red velvet cupcake wedged inside. The cupcake is also topped with green vanilla frosting and a golden star, almost like a Christmas tree — but with chocolate Mickey ears.


The cupcake on top was the weak part of this dessert, but since it’s technically a garnish, we can forgive that.


It had a ton of frosting, and we expected the filling to be dense cream cheese icing, but it had a lighter, creamier taste.

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The chocolate ears seemed to be baker’s chocolate, so not particularly tasty, but the star on top was actually a delicious shortbread cookie.


Though the cupcake was a letdown, the shake itself was wonderful. It didn’t have as strong of a cookie butter flavor as we were expecting, but still delicious and recognizable, if not diluted in the copious amounts of vanilla ice cream.


The consistency was great. It’s perfect for a shake without being too runny or making you struggle for a sip through the paper straw.


The real winner of this dessert was ultimately the presentation, which was adorable.

While we loved this dessert, we don’t think we would need to order it again. It’s a lot of treats packed into one! We’ll wait for the next seasonal sensation to come along.

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