Lunar New Year Decor, Mr. Potato Head is Fixed, Sleeping Beauty Castle on Everything & More: Disneyland Photo Report 1/18/22

Charly Shelton

Lunar New Year Decor, Mr. Potato Head is Fixed, Sleeping Beauty Castle on Everything & More: Disneyland Photo Report 1/18/22

Charly Shelton

Lunar New Year Decor, Mr. Potato Head is Fixed, Sleeping Beauty Castle on Everything & More: Disneyland Photo Report 1/18/22

Hey there, hi there, ho there! We came down to the Disneyland Resort to check in on things before the Lunar New Year festival starts this weekend at Disney California Adventure and we found lots to show you. So come along on our photo tour of the Disneyland Resort.

Tram walkway signs

The trams are not back up and running yet, so these new billboards are on the street that is still a walkway. They aren’t NEW new, but between Halloween and Christmas, we haven’t seen them for a bit.

Downtown Disney

2022 window displays Mickey Minnie World of Disney Downtown Disney Disneyland

These new window clings are hung at the World of Disney store. They showcase the art style for the new 2022 merchandise line.

2022 window displays Goofy Donald Pluto World of Disney Downtown Disney Disneyland
Starbucks west Downtown Disney Disneyland

Starbucks has finally reopened after being closed for a few weeks. It is scheduled to be permanently closed on January 29 to make way for the Downtown Disney reimagining. Next door, Sugarboo & Co. has already closed, as shown below.

Sugarboo Co Downtown Disney Disneyland
star wars apparel 160912

We found some cool new “Star Wars” merchandise at Star Wars Trading Post, like this very detailed hat and, finally, the 2021 holiday Droid Factory astromech — R5-D33R.

2021 Holiday Droid r5 D33R

Disney California Adventure

Lunar new year arch

Even though the festival doesn’t open until Friday, most of the decorations for the Lunar New Year event are already in place.

Lunar new year sign
Lunar new year booths closed

The food booths are out as well, repurposed from the last food festival that was held through the beginning of the month.

lunar new year festival area
Mr Potato Head Toy Story Midway Mania DCA

In what could be one of the biggest Disney news stories of all time, Mr. Potato Head has FINALLY received a refurbishment and his eyes are no longer black. For months, his curtain has been drawn closed during the day as his burnt out eyes were worked on but then reopened without a fix. Now they have been entirely cleaned up and they look shiny and new. We’re very glad to see him get the TLC he desperately needed.

ariel disney designer doll

In Big Top Toys, we spotted a few new things for kids and adults alike, whether it’s the collector doll or the wooden train that catches your fancy.

mickey wooden train set
studio catering co. review 152328

We stopped in for a bite at Studio Catering Co. to try some of their new Lunar New Year-inspired dishes, and also some fantastic new tamale bites. You can read our full reviews by following the links above.


Disneyland Spring Flowers Stock

The holidays are over and that means it’s time for Spring to bloom. As the snow melts away from Sleeping Beauty Castle, tulips have sprung up in Town Square at the site where the Christmas tree stood just days ago.

play in the park apparel 102146

We found some new Play in the Park youth apparel items at the Emporium.

castle bottle 100722

We also ran across a new Sleeping Beauty Castle water bottle and blanket.

Disneyland blanket 100907
disney folding fans 101611

And to prepare for the warm months ahead, these three new folding fans have popped out to the Emporium as well.

pin what if 104519

Across the street at 20th Century Music Co., we found a new see-through pin celebrating the Guardians of the Multiverse.

castle hoodie 110208

Down at Chester Drawer’s, we found a new youth hoodie featuring the castle.

valentines dooney and bourke 105808

And over at Disney Clothiers, we found some new Valentine’s Day Dooney and Bourke bags.

jolly holiday food 112010

All that shopping made us hungry, so we stopped in to Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe to try some new sweet treats, and they really hit the spot. You can read our full review right here.

chocolate popcorn 122203

Outpost Mix has returned to Kat Saka’s Kettle on Batuu so we took a transport out to Black Spire Outpost to try it, and paired it with another returning flavor — chocolate popcorn with red Crait salt. You can read our full review right here.

Valentine day funnelcake stage door cafe with Mark Twain Disneyland

As the sun set, we took a river boat down to Frontierland to try a sweetheart-themed treat, with emphasis on the SWEET. This strawberry cheesecake funnel cake was a delight, and you can read our full review right here.

Disneyland Balloon Cute cluster

As dusk set in, we found some cute new light-up balloons that feature Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Disneyland Balloon Cute daytime with Sleeping Beauty Castle

They’re fun in the daytime, but after the sun really sets is when the magic happens.

Disneyland balloon cute nighttime with Sleeping Beauty Castle

The little internal lights bring this cute artwork to life after dark. You can see more in our post right here.

Haunted Mansion closed fastpass sign

The Haunted Mansion still hasn’t reopened since Jack Skellington moved out after the holidays, but work is being done. As the overlay is removed, we got to see the very last vestige of Fastpass left in the park. This sign won’t last long, as The Haunted Mansion will be available as a Genie+ selection upon reopening.

Haunted Mansion Closed

Sure is beautiful when everything is quiet as the grave in there.

Small World lights with Matterhorn

We took the train back to the front of the park at the end of our night and got to marvel at the holiday lights adorning “it’s a small world” for their holiday overlay that is still running into the new year.

Fantasyland Theatre Work Being Done

As we passed the Fantasyland Theatre, we saw the lights on and work being done to repurpose the theatre for, hopefully, a new show soon. Already, much of the set from the former Mickey and the Magical Map show has been removed. There has been no official announcement on what, if anything, will take over the theatre.

Disneyland Exit sign

Well, this is our stop. Thanks for riding along with us. We’ll see ya real soon!

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