PHOTOS: New ‘Harry Potter’ Hogwarts House Keychains and Pins at Universal Orlando Resort

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New “Harry Potter” keychains and pins featuring each Hogwarts house are now available at Universal Orlando Resort.

Hogwarts House Keychains – $15 each

Each of these keychains has the respective house mascot on one side.

The center spins to reveal a house crest.

The crest is the main house color against a black background, with gold or silver trim. The Gryffindor crest has a sword, flaming heart, phoenix, and flowers.

The frame of each crest also says three of the main traits of the house. For example, dedication, loyalty, and patience are on the Hufflepuff keychain.

The Hufflepuff crest features Helga Hufflepuff’s cup, an hourglass, and a mandrake.

The Slytherin crest has Slytherin’s locket, potions, and a snake against a compass.

The Ravenclaw crest has the diadem, a quill, and a wand.

Hogwarts House Pins – $12 each

These new rectangular pins also list traits of each house.

The Gryffindor pin lists courage, determination, and bravery. This pin is red with gold trim.

The house mascot is on the top and the house name is a three-dimensional piece at the bottom.

The Slytherin pin is green and silver. It lists ambition, cunning, and pride.

The Ravenclaw pin lists wisdom, learning, and wit.

It’s blue and silver.

The Hufflepuff pin is yellow and black. It lists patience, dedication, and loyalty.

Check out some Hogwarts house journals, too.

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