Adorable Disney Easter 2022 Food & Souvenirs Coming March 31 to Tokyo Disneyland

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It’s almost springtime at Tokyo Disneyland, and while we already know about the return of the beloved and wacky “Usatama on the Run” parade, we now have details on every single delectable treat coming to the park for Disney Easter 2022 from April 1 to June 30! Additionally, there’s word of new springtime libations and meals at Tokyo DisneySea to celebrate the season.

Meals & Souvenirs

Steak Plate — ¥2480 ($21.53)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 1

At Center Street Coffeehouse in World Bazaar, guests can enjoy this steak plate. It consists of a sirloin steak with Japanese sauce, butter rice, an egg and cheese cocotte, and vegetables.

Souvenir Placemat — +¥800 ($6.94)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 9
TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 10

Along with their steak plate, guests can pick up this souvenir placemat featuring the event key art on the front.

Salmon, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich Set — ¥1120 ($9.72)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 2

Sweetheart Café will feature a salmon, egg, and cheese croissant sandwich with peach jelly and a soft drink. Sadly, no seasonal food wrapper this year.

Souvenir Lunch Case — +¥1200 ($10.42)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 5
TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 6

The new lunch case features Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto in springtime outfits reminiscent of the previous “Hippity Hoppity Springtime” parade. On the back, flowers and bows are among stylized icons of both parks such as Cinderella Castle, Mount Prometheus, Space Mountain, the Cape Cod lighthouse, and the S.S. Columbia.

The lunch case will be available at Sweetheart Café with purchase of the special set.

Double Berry Sundae — ¥700 ($6.08)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 3

At Ice Cream Cones in World Bazaar, guests can pick up this Double Berry Sundae with raspberry and strawberry sauce, corn flakes, vanilla soft serve, and little white chocolate bunny ears.

Sakura & Berry Milk — ¥600 ($5.21)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 7

At the Refreshment Corner, guests can try a new Sakura & Berry Milk special drink, featuring strawberry sauce and raspberry jelly at the bottom.

Souvenir Slip — +¥600 ($5.21)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 8

For an additional ¥600, guests can pick up this souvenir cup slip featuring Eggs and Mickey in his Disney Easter 2022 outfit on the front.

Rare Cheese Mousse & Orange Jelly with Souvenir Cup — ¥900 ($7.81)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 11
TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 12

As always, new souvenir desserts are on their way to Tokyo Disneyland, with the art we’ve seen throughout the souvenir items.

Lemon & Honey Mousse with Souvenir Plate — ¥900 ($7.81)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 13

This plate is based in yellow, which contrasts with the light greens and blues we’ve mostly seen so far from this line.

Both of these souvenir items will be available exclusively at Sweetheart Café.

Restaurant Sakura Special Set — ¥3800 ($32.98)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 14

This Japanese “teishoku” meal will be served at Restaurant Sakura as part of the Seasonal Taste Selections rotation of meals served throughout the 20th Anniversary. The dessert itself is inspired by CookieAnn, while the rest of the meal uses lighter pink colors inspired by the sakura blooming this season.

S.S. Columbia Dining Room Special Set — ¥4900 ($42.53)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 15

StellaLou is the primary inspiration behind this special set at S.S. Columbia Dining Room, with the traditional roast beef served along with lobster and a smoked salmon mousse.

Café Portofino Special Set — ¥2980 ($25.87)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 16

The new meal consists of a chicken and shrimp cream soup with beet foam, a beef sirloin cutlet with cheese cream sauce, an orange jelly and white wine salad, and an orange cream chocolate mont blanc in the theme of Duffy.

Magellan’s Special Course — ¥9800 ($85.06)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 17

Magellan’s, as always, is going all-out with its special dinner course. It starts off with marinated seafood in tomato and pink grapefruit jellies, Tasmanian salmon vapeur with green pea sauce, grilled black wagyu beef with balsamic sauce on a potato pancake, bread, and finishes with marinated peaches with cherry custard cream and peach sorbet.

Ristorante di Canaletto Special Set — ¥3200 ($27.78)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 18

The meal begins with an antipasto misto consisting of carpione of small ayu fish, shrimp frittata, and cured ham and mango. Then it moves on to conchiglie pasta with three kinds of shellfish in lemon cream sauce. For dessert, guests are served a Gelatoni-inspired orange panna cotta with blood orange granita, melon semifreddo, and
an orange and almond biscotti.

Horizon Bay Restaurant Special Set — ¥2980 ($25.87)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 19

At Horizon Bay Restaurant, guests are served scallop-flavored potato cream soup, grilled beef with beetroot cream sauce and walnuts, bread or rice, and an ‘Olu Mel-inspired grape tart along with a soft drink.

Special Mile High Sandwich Set — ¥1470 ($12.76)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 20

For a limited time, the iconic Mile High Sandwich, on the menu at New York Deli since it opened in 2001, will see a renewal with roast beef, smoked salmon, and fruit custard. Fries and a soft drink are also included.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2

Special Parfait — ¥2000 ($17.36)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 21

Teddy Roosevelt Lounge will serve a special parfait for the season with peach sorbet, white peach, peach panna cotta, cheese whip, white chocolate crunch, butterfly pea jelly, and meringue

Alcoholic Drinks

Raspberry Beer Cocktail — ¥780 ($6.77)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 22

Available at New York Deli.

Rum & Tropical Fruit Sparkling Cocktail — ¥780 ($6.77)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 24

Available at Yucatán Base Camp Grill.

Apricot Liqueur & Mango Sparkling Cocktail — ¥780 ($6.77)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 25

Sake & Orange Sparkling Cocktail — ¥780 ($6.77)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 26

Available at Dockside Diner.

Orange Liqueur & Frozen Beads Sparkling Cocktail — ¥780 ($6.77)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 27

Available at Café Portofino.

Gin & Lemon Sparkling Cocktail — ¥780 ($6.77)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 28

Available at Hudson River Harvest.

Lemon Ginger Beer Cocktail — ¥780 ($6.77)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 29

Available at Barnacle Bill’s.

Rum & Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Cocktail — ¥780 ($6.77)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 30

Available at Refresco’s.

Rum & Pineapple Cocktail — ¥780 ($6.77)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 31

Available at Nautilus Galley.

Disney Hotels

Disney Easter Empire Grill Lunch — ¥6000 ($52.08)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 33

Disney Easter Empire Grill Dinner — ¥12000 ($104.16)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 32

Empire Grill Special Drink — ¥1400 ($12.15)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 34

Strawberry & peach flavored.

Chef Mickey Special Drink — ¥1400 ($12.15)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 38

Mango & passionfruit flavored with blood orange syrup.

Hyperion Lounge Special Drink — ¥1900 ($16.49)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 42

Milk with a mango sherbet, caramel syrup, and an egg-shaped sherbet on top.

Tick-Tock Diner Special Bread – ¥1100 ($9.55)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 40

Egg salad and tuna salad-flavored.

Hyperion Lounge Tea Set – ¥2200 ($19.10)

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 41

Souvenir Coasters

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 35
TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 39

Souvenir coasters are included with the special drinks while supplies last.

Souvenir Charms

TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 36
TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 37
TDR DisneyEaster2022Food 43

Souvenir charms are included with special sets at Empire Grill and Hyperion Lounge while supplies last.

Are you excited for all of the new Disney Easter 2022 food and drinks? Let us know in the comments below!

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