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New ‘101 Dalmatians’ United Kingdom Merchandise Collection Spotted at EPCOT

A new merchandise collection was spotted at EPCOT, and it’s themed to none other than the animated classic, “101 Dalmatians,” and United Kingdom.

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Perdita United Kingdom Blouse – $36.99

101 dalmatians 3

This short-sleeved blouse is gray, featuring Perdita.

101 dalmatians 4

There are spots adorned across the shirt with little icons of the Dalmatian puppies at the bottom.

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“101 Dalmatians” United Kingdom Blouse – $39.99

101 dalmatians 7

This short-sleeved blouse is a periwinkle color.

101 dalmatians 9

On the front of the shirt is a design of Pongo and Perdita inside a heart with United Kingdom icons surrounding them.

101 dalmatians 10

The shirt also says, “Woof! Woof!,” “London,” and “Spotted at the United Kingdom,” which is the main catch-phrase of the merchandise collection.

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“101 Dalmatians” United Kingdom Magnet – $9.99

101 dalmatians 13

This magnet is white and features the same design as on the periwinkle blouse.

101 dalmatians 14

“101 Dalmatians” United Kingdom Glass – $14.99

101 dalmatians 15

This clear glass has the same design of Pongo and Perdita inside a heart.

101 dalmatians 16

Sketches of birds, clouds, and flowers surround them.

101 dalmatians 17

On the other side of the glass is “United Kingdom” in cursive black lettering.

101 dalmatians 18

It is recommended to only hand-wash this glass.

101 dalmatians 19

“101 Dalmatians” United Kingdom Plate – $14.99

101 dalmatians 21

This plate is white with the same design of Pongo and Perdita in the United Kingdom.

101 dalmatians 22

“101 Dalmatians” United Kingdom Mug – $19.99

101 dalmatians 24

This adorable mug is in the shape of Patch’s head, one of the 101 Dalmatian puppies.

101 dalmatians 25
101 dalmatians 26

On the handle, it says, “Spotted at the United Kingdom.”

101 dalmatians 27
101 dalmatians 28
101 dalmatians 29

“101 Dalmatians” United Kingdom Water Bottle – $19.99

101 dalmatians 31

This clear water bottle has the Pongo and Perdita design in the United Kingdom.

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101 dalmatians 32
101 dalmatians 33

The Dalmatian puppies are also included in this design.

101 dalmatians 34
101 dalmatians 35

It has a plastic pop-up straw and handle.

101 dalmatians 36
101 dalmatians 37

It is recommended to only hand-wash this bottle and is not suitable for the microwave.

101 dalmatians 39

“101 Dalmatians” United Kingdom T-shirt – $29.99

101 dalmatians 40

This t-shirt is gray with a pocket on the left breast.

101 dalmatians 41

On the pocket are black silhouettes of Pongo and Perdita.

101 dalmatians 42

On the back of the shirt, it says, “Spotted at the United Kingdom” in black, gray, blue, and red lettering, surrounded by black silhouettes of the Dalmatians.

101 dalmatians 43

“101 Dalmatians” United Kingdom Cap – $29.99

101 dalmatians 45

There is also a gray London-style cap included in this collection.

101 dalmatians 46

On the back of the cap “Spotted at the United Kingdom” and silhouettes of the Dalmatians are embroidered.

101 dalmatians 47
101 dalmatians 48

There is also a button to button the top of the cap to the visor.

101 dalmatians 49

“101 Dalmatians” United Kingdom Youth T-shirt – $24.99

101 dalmatians 51

And there is also a gray youth t-shirt.

101 dalmatians 52

This shirt has “Spotted at the United Kingdom” in red and black lettering on the front, surrounded by silhouettes of the Dalmatians.

101 dalmatians 53

And the collar in sleeves are lined in black.

We spotted all of these items in World Traveler at EPCOT. Have you spotted this new collection yet?

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