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New ‘Harry Potter’ House Tote Bags Apparate Into Universal Orlando Resort

New “Harry Potter” tote bags have appeared at Universal Orlando. Each tote bag represents a Hogwarts house. And we found them in the Universal Studios Store in CityWalk.

Hogwarts House Tote Bags – $45 each


hogwarts tote bags

These tote bags have a black base with each house’s corresponding colors, mascots, and phrases.

hogwarts tote bags 1

The Hufflepuff tote says “Patience, Dedication, Loyalty” in yellow lettering with an image of a badger in yellow.

hogwarts tote bags 3


hogwarts tote bags 4

They Gryffindor tote says “Courage, Determination, Bravery” in red and yellow lettering with an image of a lion in red.

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hogwarts tote bags 6
hogwarts tote bags 7


hogwarts tote bags 8

The Ravenclaw tote says “Wisdom, Learning, Wit” in yellow and blue lettering with an image of an eagle in blue.

hogwarts tote bags 10
hogwarts tote bags 9

Curiously, we didn’t see the Slytherin tote anywhere. But we’re keeping an eye out to see if it is anywhere else around the resort!

These totes also go perfectly with the t-shirts that we posted a couple of weeks ago.

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