New Haunted Mansion and Stitch Candles Arrive at Walt Disney World

A couple of new candles have arrived at Walt Disney World, one inspired by the Haunted Mansion and the other by Stitch. We found them at Magic Kingdom.

Haunted Mansion Candle – $34.99

haunted mansion candle

The candle holder is made to resemble a circle of graves from the classic attraction, with a green lid. The Haunted Mansion logo is also on the lid.

haunted mansion candle 1

Madame Leota’s headstone is on one side.

haunted mansion candle 2

Another headstone reads, “RIP Mister Sewell the victim of a dirty duel.”

haunted mansion candle 3
haunted mansion candle 4
haunted mansion candle 5

A third reads, “Here lies good old Fred, a great big rock fell on his head.”

haunted mansion candle 7

The scent is “Happy Haunts,” and it smelled pretty generic to us. It wasn’t very strong.

haunted mansion candle 8

We first found this candle over at Disneyland.

Stitch Pineapple Candle – $34.99

stitch candle

We found the Stitch candle in Star Traders.

stitch candle 1

The bottom of the candle holder is shaped like a pineapple.

stitch candle 2

It is white with gold touches. The lid is shaped like Stitch’s head.

stitch candle 3

He has the top of a pineapple as a hat, with the leaves, his eyelids, and his nose painted gold.

stitch candle 4

This “tropical pineapple” was our favorite scent. It didn’t smell too much like pineapple, more like pineapple vanilla.

stitch candle 5

Check out these other candles, including a “hunny” pot and a poison apple, that were also just released at Walt Disney World.

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