floral uk collection collage

New United Kingdom Pavilion Floral Collection Springs into EPCOT

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We stopped by the United Kingdom Pavilion in EPCOT and uncovered a new collection of floral UK apparel and home decor. We showed you the cute floral ears earlier today, and now it’s time to check out the rest of the collection.

Floral United Kingdom Tank Top – $29.99

tank top uk floral 2
tank top uk floral 4

This pink tank top has a floral teapot with, “Fancy a Cuppa?” printed inside it.

tank top uk floral 3

“United Kingdom” is printed underneath the teapot in white script, with EPCOT World Showcase in even smaller print at the bottom.

tank top uk floral 1

The back of the tank top is plain pink.

Floral United Kingdom Leggings – $39.99

floral leggings uk 2

The print on these leggings features various flowers along with a Union Jack bow.

floral leggings uk 3
floral leggings uk 5

Some of the flowers on the pants form the outline of Minnie Mouse’s head.

floral leggings uk 6

These would match well with the UK Floral ear headband you can see below them.

floral leggings uk 1

United Kingdom Queen of the Kingdom Tee – $36.99

queen of the kingdom uk tee 1
queen of the kingdom uk tee 7

The “Queen of the Kingdom” tee has a floral outline of Minnie Mouse’s head with a Union Jack bow.

queen of the kingdom uk tee 2

Butterflies surround the Minnie Mouse head, giving the shirt an even more springtime feel.

queen of the kingdom uk tee 3

The lace at the bottom of the tee elevates it.

queen of the kingdom uk tee 4

The back of the tee is plain blue but still has the lace at the bottom.

queen of the kingdom uk tee 5

One of the sleeves has “United Kingdom EPCOT World Showcase” printed on it.

Floral United Kingdom Tee – $36.99

sequin UK tee 1
sequin UK tee 7

This shirt features a Union Jack UK print, with “United Kingdom” in blue script below the floral UK.

sequin UK tee 5

Blue and red flowers form the letters in “UK.”

sequin UK tee 3

The back of the tee is plain white.

sequin UK tee 4

Here you can see the scallop detail on the sides of the tee.

sequin UK tee 6

EPCOT World Showcase is printed on one of the sleeves in dark blue.

United Kingdom Floral Tee for Kids – $24.99

uk floral youth tee 2 Copy

The pink youth tee features Minnie Mouse dressed up and drinking a cup of tea.

uk floral youth tee 1 Copy

Underneath Minnie, “United Kingdom” is written in purple script.

uk floral youth tee 3 Copy

The back of the tee is plain pink.

United Kingdom Floral Skirt – $78

uk floral skirt 4

The floral skirt has the same Minnie Mouse head outline as the leggings, which is repeated along the hem.

uk floral skirt 5

This pull-on skirt has a red sash tie at the waist.

uk floral skirt 7
uk floral skirt 1

Between Minnie Mouse heads we have more of the same blue, pink, red, and purple flowers.

uk floral skirt 2
uk floral skirt 3

Dishtowel set – $19.99

UK floral dishtowels 6

Above you can see both dishtowels in the set: one light blue, one pink.

UK floral dishtowels 3

The light blue towel has the floral teapot with “Fancy a Cuppa?” on it.

UK floral dishtowels 4

“United Kingdom” is printed on the blue towel and flowers are found on the bottom.

UK floral dishtowels 5

The pink has the Minnie Mouse head floral outline seen throughout this collection.

UK floral dishtowels 1

United Kingdom Floral Magnet – $12.99

floral magnet UK 1

The magnet is a Minnie Mouse head outline with flowers throughout.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
floral magnet UK 2

United Kingdom Floral Water Bottle – $22.99

uk floral water bottle 2
uk floral water bottle 4

The water bottle is made of clear plastic and features flowers throughout.

uk floral water bottle 6

It says “United Kingdom” in red script on one side.

uk floral water bottle 5

And then we see “Queen of the Kingdom” on the other side.

uk floral water bottle 3

The bottle has a flip-top with a drinking spout.

uk floral water bottle 7
uk floral water bottle 8

The lid shape lends itself to carrying the bottle easily.

uk floral water bottle 9

Do you see the hidden Mickeys in the flowers?

uk floral water bottle 10

United Kingdom Floral Tumbler – $19.99

uk floral tumbler 1

Here we again have the Minnie Mouse outline composed of flowers with a Union Jack bow.

uk floral tumbler 2
uk floral tumbler 3

This shimmery pink cup is acrylic.

uk floral tumbler 4

The back indicates that the cup is not microwave or dishwasher safe. It must be hand washed.

uk floral tumbler 5

It comes with a clear lid.

United Kingdom Floral Teapot – $34.99

uk teapot 3

The teapot has an image of a teapot surrounded by flowers with hidden Mickeys and says, “Fancy a Cuppa?”

uk teapot 4

The lid has floral accents, again with adorable hidden Mickeys.

uk teapot 5

The other side of the teapot has the image from the youth tee of Minnie sipping her tea.

uk teapot 6

“Fancy a Cuppa?” is British slang for “Would you like a cup of tea?”

uk teapot 7
uk teapot 8

Plastic protects the lid and spout for transporting the teapot home.

uk teapot 10
uk teapot 1

This teapot is dishwasher safe!

United Kingdom Floral Teacup and Saucer – $24.99

uk teacup and saucer 3

The teacup and saucer set matches the teapot with an image of Minnie Mouse sipping tea on one side.

uk teacup and saucer 4
uk teacup and saucer 5

The floral Minnie Mouse head outline and “Queen of the Kingdom” appear on the opposite side.

uk teacup and saucer 6

The cup and saucer are packaged together as a set.

uk teacup and saucer 7

The inside of the teacup is pink and says “Fancy a Cuppa?” in purple.

uk teacup and saucer 8

The saucer has an all-over print with the floral Minnie Mouse head outline and flowers.

uk teacup and saucer 1
uk teacup and saucer 2

United Kingdom Floral Plate – $16.99

UK plate floral 3

The plate is light blue with the floral teapot outline and “Fancy a Cuppa?” printed on it.

UK plate floral 1

United Kingdom Floral Apron – $34.99

floral uk apron 7

The floral apron is light blue with hidden Mickey flowers along the bottom.

floral uk apron 5

The teapot with “Fancy a Cuppa?” is printed on the chest of the apron.

floral uk apron 3
floral uk apron 4

The apron ties are navy blue.

floral uk apron 6
floral uk apron 2

The pockets on either side also have navy accents.

floral uk apron 8

Will you be stopping by the UK Pavilion to pick up any of these new items? Let us know in the comments.

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