King Cake Whoopie Pie

REVIEW: King Cake Whoopie Pie with Chocolate Baby is King of Snacks at the Mardi Gras Tribute Store

Mardi Gras wouldn’t be complete without King Cake, right? You can find a giant King Cake at the New Orleans Mardi Gras booth, but there’s also a King Cake Whoopie Pie inside the Tribute Store. Let’s give it a try!

King Cake Whoopie Pie – $5

King Cake Whoopie Pie

The King Cake Whoopie Pie is made up of two dense, fresh vanilla cakes with a very rich frosting center. That thick pile of frosting in the middle looks sweet!

King Cake Whoopie Pie

Even though this is a King Cake, we didn’t really taste any cinnamon. The cakes were excellent and one side had a crunchy coating of sugar sprinkles.

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If you like rich, sweet cinnamon roll frosting, this whoopie pie is for you. The filling tasted exactly like what you would get on a traditional cinnamon roll.

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When we ordered the King Cake, we were told that some of them have a chocolate baby in the center. Today was our lucky day and we were excited to find a white chocolate baby inside our cake.

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This whoopie pie is delicious, so if you’re looking for an extremely sweet treat, make sure you check out this snack in the Tribute Store. For another twist on King Cake, don’t miss out on the cake in TODAY Cafe, either. Happy Mardi Gras!

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