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REVIEW: Valentine Cocktail Flight from Lamplight Lounge is Our Sweetheart at Disney California Adventure

It’s the season of love here at Disney California Adventure, and the Lamplight Lounge is obliging with a new cocktail flight featuring three specialty seasonal drinks available this weekend only! So naturally we made our way down to Pixar Pier to give all three of these lovely libations a try for ourselves.

Valentine Cocktail Flight – $20

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The three drinks are available individually for $17.25 each or in smaller tasting sizes as a set for $20. We of course chose the latter, which we felt was a great benefit to all three. But we’ll touch on that more later.

The Love That Lasts a Lifetime

Bacardi Raspberry Rum, St. George Liqueur, Pineapple Juice, Orgeat, Lime Juice and Raspberry Purée

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Our first option was very sweet. With so many fruit flavors, it all kind of melts together. Honestly the best way to describe this flavor is just purple. It’s very much as the cocktail appears, and no flavor really stands out. That being said, it’s light, sweet, and refreshing, so it’s not all bad all things considered. The pineapple heart garnish was a nice extra touch.

The Flame

Bacardi Raspberry Rum, Peach Schnapps, Mango and Raspberry Purées with Lime Juice and Firewater Bitters

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This is definitely the best of the three. With a spiced Tajin-rimmed glass, it provides a small kick of heat to underscore the sweet, almost gummy bear flavor of the red drink. Again, lots of fruit flavors melding into one but that pop of spice from the rim really sets it apart.

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The Ex

Absolut Citron, Lemonade, Blackberries, Agave and Angustora Bitters

DCA LamplightLoungeValentinesCocktailFlight 3

We’ve probably never liked any of our ex’s as much as this. It’s slightly sour and bitter, but with an undertone of sweet to balance it all out. This is a very complex drink that keeps you guessing and unfolds like a love letter with each sip. It is sour but not overly so, just enough to compliment the sweetness of the lemonade and agave, which rounds out the drink. We thoroughly enjoyed this one as well.

Being a cocktail flight, it’s three smaller portions of the specialty cocktails rather than one full size portion. Frankly, we think that’s preferable not only because you get to try everything on offer, but also having one large glass of any of these flavors would almost be too much. These are the perfect size cocktails when served as a flight, and gives enough variety so that you never get too used to one flavor before moving on.

If you want to try these yourself, stop in at Lamplight Lounge by February 14, they’re available this weekend only so better hurry! And let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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