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FULL TOUR of a Standard Cabin Room with Pullout Bed on the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

We’re here on the first public cruise at the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser to bring coverage of the entire experience, including a full tour of a Standard Cabin onboard the Halcyon.

SWGS StandardCabinWithPulldown 1

Each Standard Cabin sleeps up to five guests, with a queen bed, two berths (bunks), and a pull-down bed.

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A screen and control panel are directly across from the queen bed.

swgs standard cabin 18

This screen is where D3-09 will assist guests (on voyages where she is available). The room phone, thermostat, and a light button are also on this panel.

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The screen shows the Halcyon’s voyage.

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swgs standard cabin 4

A “window” looks out into space next to the queen bed.

swgs standard cabin 7
swgs standard cabin 8

Controls for the window are on the sill, so you can essentially turn it off.

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swgs standard cabin 5

Beneath the window is a pull-out table and, stored in a cubby hole, two rolling orange ottomans.

swgs standard cabin 6
swgs standard cabin 10

Small end tables stick out of the wall on either side of the bed, revealing wall ports.

swgs standard cabin 11

A reading light also flips out of the wall and can be twisted and adjusted to face different directions. There are recycling and trash bins. Lights are above and below the bed, which has white quilted sheets.

SWGS StandardCabinWithPulldown 8

The berth beds have a built-in ladder. They each have a pillow, orange fitted sheet, and rolled-up blanket featuring the Chandrila Star Line logo.

SWGS StandardCabinWithPulldown 10

The berth bed headboard and ceiling are padded. A light flips out from the back wall above each bed. There are no outlets in the bunks.

SWGS StandardCabinWithPulldown 6
SWGS StandardCabinWithPulldown 7

The big difference in this room is the pull-out bed along the wall, which can accommodate a fifth sleeper. The pull-out bed is strapped to the door it hides behind and comes with an orange fitted sheet. The blanket and pillow are located in the closet.

swgs standard cabin 20

A closet is in the hallway leading from the cabin door.

swgs standard cabin 21

There are two white robes and a spare pillow.

swgs standard cabin 22
swgs standard cabin 23

There are cubby holes in one side of the closet. This is also where guests will find the safe and “cooling supply unit” (fridge).

swgs standard cabin 24
swgs standard cabin 25

Next to the closet is a vanity.

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swgs standard cabin 26

A bottle of water and cups sit on a tray. The bottle can be refilled in the atrium.

swgs standard cabin 27

The vanity has a mirror with rounded corners and built-in lights. There are more wall ports to the side.

swgs standard cabin 28
swgs standard cabin 29

There is a light-up control panel near the front door that lets you indicate “Do not disturb” (the lock) or that you need housekeeping (the cleaning droid).

swgs standard cabin 31

Across from the vanity is the bathroom (or “refresher”).

swgs standard cabin 30

There is a walk-in shower with a frosted sliding glass door. Don’t worry, galactic travelers. It’s not a sonic shower, it’s just regular water.

swgs standard cabin 32

The walls have white rectangular tiles while the ground has grey triangular tiles.

swgs standard cabin 33
swgs standard cabin 34

Like other Walt Disney World resorts, the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are mounted on the wall. Here at Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, they are in themed silver and orange canisters.

swgs standard cabin 35

There is a ceiling shower head and a detachable showerhead. The shower is narrow but deep.

swgs standard cabin 36

Next to the toilet room is one sink and another lit mirror.

swgs standard cabin 37

The hand soap and body lotion are also mounted on the wall in themed canisters. The CSL-branded tin in the background has face cloths and bubble masks, a set that can also be purchased in the gift shop.

swgs standard cabin 38

The white towels are embroidered with the orange Chandrila Star Line logo. The hair dryer is in a box labeled “thermal blower.”

swgs standard cabin 39

The toilet room has a tall ovular mirror and orange stripes along the wall.

swgs standard cabin 40
swgs standard cabin 41

There are also hooks for hanging robes.

swgs standard cabin 42

Watch our full video tour of the standard cabin with pull-out bed below.

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