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REVIEW: Thirst Quenching Pand-ade at EPCOT Celebrates ‘Turning Red’

We stopped by the maple popcorn cart in the Canada Pavilion at EPCOT and tried the new Pand-ade drink from Disney Pixar’s upcoming animated film “Turning Red.”

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Disney Pixar Turning Red Pand-ade – $6.50

Coconut-Pomegranate Lemonade with Pomegranate Boba Pearls

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This sweet and slightly tart drink instantly refreshed us.

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It’s comparable to a slush, except the coconut acts as the ice here.

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Coconut and lemonade are the prominent flavors. The lemonade hits your tongue first, followed by the coconut on the back end.  

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You don’t get pomegranate from the actual drink, but that’s where the boba come in.

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These are juice-filled boba that pop when you chew them. The juice inside is a concentrated pomegranate. 

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There’s fresh coconut blended into this drink, and we did get some pieces.

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When you get it all in one sip, it’s a fruity and tart drink with a burst of pomegranate juice.

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Pand-ade is served over ice, and the ice blocks some of the boba just given the size. We could have gotten more boba if it weren’t for the ice. So, there was a bit of boba left over at the bottom of the cup. We still enjoyed this drink overall.

“Turning Red” will be released on Disney+ on March 11, and this sweet treat is available at EPCOT through May 31.

What’s your favorite drink at EPCOT? Let us know in the comments.

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