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REVIEW: We Tried All 5 May Flavors at Salt & Straw in Disney Springs, Including Jasmine Milk Tea, Pistachio with Rose Water, Saffron & Honey, and More

Salt & Straw, which just opened this month at Disney Springs, will have limited edition flavors available each month. Though we’re a few days away from May, they have already posted their May menu, and we tried some of the new flavors.

salt and straw 1

Some of these options are sherbet, while some are ice cream. Note that we got them all in kids’ sizes, and larger cups are available.

Pistachio Rose Water w/ Strawberry Mochi

salt and straw 2

This one is an ice cream. You definitely get the taste of pistachio if the green doesn’t give it away.

salt and straw 3

It’s not super salty, but it does have a bit of a savory taste.

salt and straw 4

The rose water in the name might scare you, but we didn’t get much of that at all.

salt and straw 5

The strawberry mochi is slightly chewy. You get a hint of fruit with the slightly salty pistachio.

salt and straw 6

This one is a winner, and we would get it again.

Saffron & Honey w/Crystallized Flower Petals

salt and straw 9
salt and straw 16

This one is a little sweeter. It is still the consistency of ice cream but isn’t as thick as the others, maybe because of the ingredients.

salt and straw 7

We got a bit of the saffron taste. It wasn’t super spicy; you just get it as a pleasant taste on the tail end.

salt and straw 10

You also get the natural sweeteners from the honey.

salt and straw 12

There were many herb-like bits in the ice cream, but it made for an interesting texture.

salt and straw 14

They look like crumbs but aren’t crunchy.

salt and straw 15

We recommend this one, too, especially if you want some sweetness that isn’t artificial sugar or chocolate.

Rhubarb Crumble w/ Toasted Anise

salt and straw rhubarb 4
salt and straw rhubarb

This had the most classic taste of the May flavors.

salt and straw rhubarb 3

It almost tastes like vanilla ice cream with swirls of strawberry and rhubarb pie.

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salt and straw rhubarb 5

If you’re really thinking about the toasted anise, you might notice it on the tail end, but it’s not obvious.

salt and straw rhubarb 6

If you like classic strawberry ice cream, you will love this.

Jasmine Milk Tea & Almond Stracciatella

salt and straw jasmine milk tea 2

This one tastes similar to vanilla ice cream with chocolate almonds, or like bubble tea.

salt and straw jasmine milk tea 1

The jasmine tea flavor is super subtle. You just get it at the end.

salt and straw jasmine milk tea 3

This was thicker in consistency than the first three.

salt and straw jasmine milk tea 5

The small sprinkling of chocolate almonds was nice. We loved getting a bit of crunch, but wish there was more.

salt and straw jasmine milk tea

This was good, but the jasmine tea was too subtle.

Mathilde’s Hibiscus & Coconut Sherbet (vegan)

salt and straw coconut 1 5 scaled

This sherbet has an icy consistency, which they mentioned when they gave it to us so we would know it was normal. However, that makes it feel like it was frozen for too long.

salt and straw coconut 3 scaled

This was the weirdest of the May flavors, but not in a good way.

salt and straw coconut scaled

You get the coconut and milky flavors, but they are strange.

salt and straw coconut 4 scaled

If you’re a fan of rose water, we would recommend this one over the pistachio one.

salt and straw coconut 7 scaled

It’s a fun option, but probably better for those with a bolder palate.

Which one would you try? Let us know in the comments.

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