SHOP: Celebrate Earth Day with Our Exclusive ‘Rebecca the Male Black Swan’ Shirt from Carousel of Products!

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The Carousel of Products is an online store that is the exclusive home of official WDWNT logo merchandise as well as original park-inspired merchandise.

In celebration of Earth Day 2022, and in tribute to a long-time friend of ours, Rebecca, we present this exclusive design from Carousel of Products. This shirt is inspired by Disney’s Animal Kingdom and one of our favorite residents — Rebecca the Male Black Swan. Sadly, he passed away in January of 2022


“Regular WDWNT readers and viewers know Rebecca well. He has been featured in countless live streams, in tweets, and even in photo reports and such. We embraced him mostly for his quirkiness. He would grumpily honk at the other birds and animal keepers in his enclosure, chase ducks around and bite them, and had a charming slow waddle. Our love only grew when we found out that his name was Rebecca, the story being that they had thought he was female, mistakenly categorized him as such, and given him a female name. They decided they wouldn’t change it even after found out he was indeed male.”

Earth Day/Rebecca – T-Shirt – $20

The shirt has the Tree of Life on the front, with our friend Rebecca swimming happily at its base.  The sleeve features an Earth Day version of the Carousel of Products logo.

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In Rebecca’s honor, 100% of the profits from the sale of the shirt will be donated to The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. Support Rebecca and Mother Earth and grab this limited edition shirt before it’s gone.

The Carousel of Products has hats, shirts, pins, buttons, masks, and more.

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