New Mad Tea Party, Moana Designer Collection, and Pride Pins at Disneyland Resort

Shannen Ace

New Mad Tea Party, Moana Designer Collection, and Pride Pins at Disneyland Resort

New pins have arrived at Disneyland Resort for the month of May, including several Pride Collection pins.

dl may 2022 pins 081317

We found all of these, as well as the Moana Disney Designer Collection pin, in 20th Century Music Co. We found the rest of the pins in the Emporium.

Limited Edition Mad Tea Party Poster Pin – $19.99

dl may 2022 pins 081147

This pin resembles a poster for Mad Tea Party, with the Mad Hatter pouring a pot of tea. He is pictured in a spade-shaped cutout, like a playing card.

Unfortunately, this pin is now sold out, according to Cast Members. It had a limited edition size of 2,000, but it’s unclear if all were released already or if more will arrive.

Limited Release Moana Disney Designer Collection Pin – $34.99

dl may 2022 pins 083035

This pin is inspired by the Moana doll available as part of the Disney Designer Collection.

dl may 2022 pins 083039

The front of the pin opens like a display box, and Moana is pictured in her designer dress inside.

dl may 2022 pins 083104

Moana’s dress was designed by Nontra Null, and information about her is included on the packaging.

Limited Release Pixar Pride Pin – $17.99

dl may 2022 pins 081210

This pin features a rainbow silhouette of a “Toy Story” alien against a blue background. “Pixar Animation” is around the edge of the circular pin.

Limited Release BB-8 Pride Pin – $17.99

dl may 2022 pins 081230

This pin features BB-8 colored with a sparkling rainbow. It reads “Belong, believe, be proud,” with the last two words in rainbow lettering.

Marvel Pride Pin Set – $17.99

dl may 2022 pins 081247

This set includes six small pins. The backing card reads “power, heroic, courage, strong, protect, bold.” The “o” of each word is replaced with a pin of one of these superhero symbols: Spider-Man, X-Men, Captain Marvel, the Hulk, Ms. Marvel, and Black Panther. Each word and the corresponding pin is in a different color of the rainbow.

Mickey Pride Pin – $12.99

dl may 2022 pins 085008

This circular pin features a Mickey head at the center and “belong, believe, be proud” along the edge. The Mickey and the edge are both rainbow.

Mickey Pride Pin – $9.99

dl may 2022 pins 085040

This pin features Mickey’s full body. His shorts and shoes are rainbow-colored.

Castle Pride Pin – $9.99

dl may 2022 pins 085102

A Disney castle is at one end of this pin, with a rainbow rectangle jutting out of it. The white silhouettes of Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie march across the rainbow.

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